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Bluugo’s Development Days at Petäys

01/03/2019 by Bluugo

Bluugo’s team visited Petäys Lakeland Resort last week for our Development Days of fall 2019. During our two days there, many interesting topics were discussed and our company’s plans for the future honed even further.

Development days in a Lakeland scenery

The easy-going summer months have passed and Bluugo’s team is back at work with full capacity. Desks and calendars are filling up with many interesting projects with both old and new customers, and the fall’s first trade fair is just around the corner – there’s a lot of things to be done! Amidst the fast-paced workdays, it is also important to remember to take breaks and think things through in a relaxed atmosphere. What could be a better way to do this than Development Days in a serene Lakeland scenery?

Bluugo’s team visited the tranquil Petäys Lakeland Resort last week for our company’s Development Days of fall 2019. During the two-day trip, we discussed where we are now as a company, what are our plans for the future and how could we do things even better than before.

Some of the pivotal themes to came up were the internationalization of our business, the continuous growth of our company and the constant need for new experts to support the two previous themes. Our team worked hard, but not forgetting to have fun in the process also.

Outdoor sports, good food and sauna by the lake

When the day’s agenda had been finished and the laptops put aside, the program continued in a more relaxed manner with disc golf, mini golf, good food and of course, sauna by the lake. For many of us, the high-point of the evening was Finland’s national football team’s magnificent 1-0 win over Greece. No Pukki, no party!

After a delicious breakfast on Friday morning, we continued working with the whole team as well as in smaller groups. After a morning of working and a tasty lunch, it was time to pack up our stuff and head towards the weekend with our batteries recharged and minds full of new ideas. As a whole, the Development Days were a great success with lots of fun moments together and many new ideas on how we can do things even better in the future. We’re already looking forward to the next ones!



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