Reference: Swissport – Predicting Flight Delays with Machine Learning

26/01/2019 by Bluugo

A unique machine learning-powered solution developed in collaboration with Swissport predicts the arrival and departure times of flights at Helsinki-Vantaa Airport hours in advance with accuracy of few minutes.

Predicting Flight Delays with Machine Learning

Swissport International Ltd is the largest provider of airport ground services in the world with activity in over 300 locations and 50 countries all around the globe. Swissport Finland Oy started its operations in 2011.

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™-platform connects Swissport’s business processes under one digital shell. Using RFID sensors and the latest IoT technology, Tracking Cloud™ gathers real-time data from different sources such as vehicle movements, departure times of flights, and weather conditions. This data can be used in many ways to improve business processes.

A good example of this is the Tracking Cloud™ Flight Delay Prediction Tool. Utilizing Machine Learning and a variety of data sources connected to Tracking Cloud™, this innovative solution predicts the arrival times of flights with improved precision much earlier than before. As a result, Swissport can now plan their processes more efficiently and make sure that the right personnel & equipment is in the right place at the right time. This improves the whole ground handling process, which greatly benefits Swissport, the airline companies and the flight passengers also.

Tracking Cloud™ has lived up to our expectations and we see huge potential in developing it even further.

“Our cooperation with Bluugo has been very successful and we’re on quite a digitalization journey together. Before we started to work with Bluugo, our business was at a point where we had to either increase the amount of working hours or find new, more efficient methods – the old way of doing things just wasn’t sufficient anymore.

We started to look for a solution, focusing mainly on the business side of things while the required technologies were chosen as the project advanced.

Tracking Cloud™ has lived up to our expectations and we see huge potential in developing it even further. Right now, we’re thinking of how this solution could change our whole product range and through that, our entire business. The question is not so much if, but when this will happen.

Communicating with Bluugo has been easy and the working methods have been very suitable for us. As a global corporation, we have also noticed Bluugo’s readiness to work together with people from our HQ as well. IT-projects can also be fun, when you have the right partner!”

-Tomi Viitanen,
CEO, Swissport Finland

The Flight Delay Prediction Tool has gained a lot of attention throughout the industry and was chosen as the winner of an international Innovation Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards conference in Gothenburg last November.

The industry-leading publication Ground Handling International Magazine wrote an article about our solution in their June 2019 issue. Read the complete article .here


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