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The business world needs more SLUSH

26/11/2019 by Bluugo

A gathering of 25 000 curious minds. Countless intriguing conversations with people from all over the world, from companies small and big alike. Founders, investors, students, volunteers, friends new and old. Hundreds of business cards exchanged, and many inspiring speakers heard. Few well-deserved beers and one epic after-party. That was Slush 19 in a nutshell for team Bluugo.

Day 1: Busy Times at the Startup District

Last week was all about SLUSH – and what a week it was! This was Bluugo’s first time at the event and the same applied to most of our 5-member team attending. We didn’t really know what to expect.

On the first event day, we were showcasing our solutions on our own Demo Booth in the Startup District. To honor the recent success of Finland’s National Football Team in the European Championship qualifiers, we decided to have our Computer Vision Demo themed around recognizing football players – or foosball to be more precise.

We’re not sure if it was because of our sophisticated Computer Vision models or because pretty much everyone loves foosball, but our Booth was crowded the whole day! We got to talk with countless amazing people from all over the world – from students and volunteers to CEOs and Investors. Kickass day!

The topics of the discussions ranged from the lovely Finnish weather to some in-depth technical details about neural networks and everything in between. The topics of the discussions ranged from the lovely Finnish weather to some in-depth technical details about neural networks and everything in between. A common factor in almost every conversation seemed to be that whatever needed to be done, it could probably be done with our award-winning digital platform Tracking Cloud™.


It's easy to smile when you work at bluugo.

Day 2: Meetings, Speakers & The Epic Afterparty

After some much needed shut-eye, it was time to take on day 2 of SLUSH in a little bit more relaxed manner and continue the intriguing conversations in Matchmaking meetings. Between meetings we also had time to visit the awesome stages of the event and hear many innovative speakers share their insights on some of the hottest topics of today. Food for thought at its best.


At times it was hard to decide which was cooler – the speakers or the amazing stage setup!

The grande finale for two magical days was of course the epic SLUSH afterparty. Great food, music played by some genius DJ’s, awesome people and a few well-deserved beers – what more can you ask for?


The afterparty was out of this world...

More Than Just An Event

All in all, SLUSH 2019 treated Bluugo well and we will absolutely come back next year – and so should you. The business world needs more SLUSH.

By saying this, we don’t just mean the actual event, but the whole mindset of what SLUSH represents. It is a unique atmosphere where everyone seems to be genuinely open about their ideas, challenges and solutions. A state of mind, where people aren’t afraid of change or new ideas, but embrace them and work together without fear of failure. Today’s business world could definitely use some more of this – to find the courage to reshape traditional business models, collaborate more openly with other companies and come up with innovative solutions that benefit all parties.

The rapid development of technology is changing the business world faster than ever before and making it harder and harder to survive without help from others – and why should you?

Business as usual is over. Act Now.



Your Partner in Digital Business

At Bluugo, we use our unique Tracking Cloud™ Platform to offer companies digital solutions for logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, VMI, asset tracking, and maintenance & field services – with the shortest time-to-value in the market!

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