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Tracking Cloud™ wins the Innovation Award

28/11/2018 by Bluugo

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ with Machine Learning solution wins an Innovation Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards in Gothenburg. The grand final for the Best Handler-Airline Innovation Award was held on 27th November in Gothenburg bringing together the top innovations and professionals of the field.

Tracking Cloud™ with Machine Learning wins the Innovation Award

The Pride of Ground Handling Awards is organized as a part of The Annual Ground Handling International Conference and is one of the largest and most respected events in the aviation field. The list of finalists was drawn from over 100 competitors, and there was tough competition from around the world. It is no surprise then that we are deeply honored that our Tracking Cloud™ won.

Delay Prediction Tool developed in collaboration with Swissport Finland detects airplane delays and arrival times. Predictions are made before the flights even take off, giving Swissport more timely estimations much earlier than previously possible - typically ground handling personnel knows the estimated arrival of the flight 0.5-1 hour before the flight arrival while Tracking Cloud™ offers this information 2-6 hours ahead of the arrival time.

The motivation behind the innovative solution was to make operations at the airport smoother, whilst offering benefits to the passengers as well. The daily work of baggage service personnel is made easier with the tool, which brings information to them on an easy-to-read Tracking Cloud™ user interface. Timely predictions make it possible to have the right staff resources and vehicles at the right place in the right time

Trusting the Machine Learning

Bluugo’s earlier collaboration with Swissport Finland resulted in an intelligent solution, which monitors baggage handling vehicles in real-time while collecting data to Tracking Cloud™. This gives Swissport concrete measuring tools for the service they provide to their customers, the airlines. This solution and data worked as a base for the new Delay Prediction Tool, which uses machine learning to make accurate predictions.

At some point, companies need to take the risk and start doing data-driven projects as they have such enormous potential. The first low-risk trials can be done at a relatively low cost while the results should be concrete and fast. Machine learning can make daily operations more reliable and facilitate employees' work.

In the case of Delay Prediction Tool, we are seeing very positive and measurable results that the tool improves ground handling services at the airport. The Delay Prediction Tool moves flight delay prediction from a 100% human activity, to one that is 30% human, and 70% machine.

There is a huge untapped potential for combining the power of the Internet of Things and Machine Learning to increase the efficiency of your operations. Bluugo is experts in digitalizing businesses. The Tracking Cloud™ platform packs your products and services in digital format, allowing you to collect and leverage your data for machine learning services. Our solutions can quickly help your business to take advantage of it and achieve a real competitive edge.

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At Bluugo, we use our unique Tracking Cloud™ Platform to offer companies digital solutions for logistics, manufacturing, warehousing, VMI, asset tracking, and maintenance & field services – with the shortest time-to-value in the market!

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