Bluugo signs a new partnership with the Swiss telecom industry leader

Bluugo has recently started a new partnership with the Swiss telecom giant Swisscom!

Are out-of-date dashboard tools slowing down your business?

In today’s rapidly evolving business world, Companies’ needs for monitoring certain key metrics and KPI’s tend to shift around continuously. It is crucial that the Dashboard tools in use are flexible and allow quick modifications with minimal effort – sadly, this is often not the case. Keep reading to find out how to avoid the common mistakes by replacing your out-of-date dashboard tools!

Why companies should invest in Machine Learning-as-a-Service (MLaaS)

Successful machine learning is not a one-off project, but a long-term roadmap to make your business more efficient through data. New data is constantly changing and responding to our actions. This means machine learning models have to be actively maintained to keep up.

Bluugo accepted to the The German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce

We are happy to announce that Bluugo has been recently accepted as a member of the German-Finnish Chamber of Commerce.

Summer jobs at Bluugo – Coding, Computer Vision & Development Projects

Wonder what’s it like to have a summer job in a growing software company? Our summer workers tell you in our latest blog!

Bluugo's new partnership in sweden

Sweden has been one of Bluugo's key markets for years now, with many brilliant customers. Recently, our operations have taken another step forward in form of a new sales partnership!

Automate the critical phases in your material flows

More and more companies are collecting location data from their business processes, but in most cases the data alone is not enough to produce concrete added value. To get tangible results, the collected data needs to be efficiently shared with all involved parties such as customers, their customers, and vendors. Tracking Cloud’s ready-to-run tracking solution is designed to automate the critical phases in your material flows utilizing location data and the latest Geofencing technology.

Get your Machine Learning roadmap in order 100% remotely & risk-free

Bluugo’s Machine Learning Kickstart Package offers an easy way of building strong foundations for your Machine Learning Roadmap – 100% remotely & risk-free!

Flexible working methods guarantee successful implementation of digital solutions

The importance of flexible working methods in designing and implementing Digital Solutions is emphasized especially when circumstances are different from normal.

Bluugo awarded with two new certificates

Bluugo has been recently awarded two new certificates from Kauppalehti and The Finnish Software Industry Association.

Retrofitting Offers Huge Potential for The Manufacturing Industry

Retrofitting existing machinery with new technologies offers companies a low-risk way to capitalize on the potential of industry 4.0 solutions with fast schedules.

Logimat 2020 cancelled – Meet us virtually!

LogiMAT 2020 has been canceled due to the recent developments in the coronavirus outbreak – but do not worry! Instead of meeting us face-to-face in Stuttgart, you can meet our experts virtually.

Canadian mining company Agnico Eagle chooses Tracking Cloud™

Agnico Eagle is a senior Canadian gold mining company that has produced precious metals since 1957.

Meet Team Bluugo at LogiMAT 2020

Are you attending LogiMAT 2020? If yes, you should definitely come to meet us and see our award-winning Tracking Cloud™ solutions in action!

Data-driven Decision-making with Tracking Cloud™

Modern technology has made collecting data easier than ever before. The award-winning Tracking Cloud™ platform offers companies a fast & easy way of transforming their data into tangible results.

The business world needs more SLUSH

A gathering of 25 000 curious minds. Countless intriguing conversations with people from all over the world, from companies small and big alike. Founders, investors, students, volunteers, friends new and old. Hundreds of business cards exchanged, and many inspiring speakers heard. A few well-deserved beers and one epic afterparty. That was Slush 19 in a nutshell for team Bluugo.

Bluugo chosen to Business Finland’s Young Innovative Companies funding programme!

The Young Innovative Company funding programme intends to accelerate the global growth of the most ambitious, rapidly growing startups in Finland.

Cost-efficient Maintenance & Field Services with Intelligent Solutions

The rapid development of technology and new intelligent solutions are providing companies in the Maintenance & Field Service industry with a vast potential to streamline their actions and solve many challenges traditionally associated with the sector. Have you yet seen a solution which doesn’t require Field Technicians to manually log their working hours or allocate them to certain maintenance locations?

Kauppalehti: IT-alan konkarit oikovat digimutkia suoriksi

Kauppalehti julkaisi 18.9.2019 artikkelin Bluugosta ja innovatiivisista ratkaisuistamme. Artikkelissa käsitellään esimerkiksi palkitun Tracking Cloud™ -alustamme taustoja. Lue lisää!

Bluugo’s Development Days at Petäys
by Antti Sarasma

Bluugo’s team visited Petäys Lakeland Resort last week for our Development Days of fall 2019. During our two days there, many interesting topics were discussed and our company’s plans for the future honed even further.

Bluugo's Trade Fairs of Fall 2019

Bluugo’s fall of 2019 is packed with many Trade Fairs and events – come meet us and check out our latest innovations and solutions!

Bluugo featured in the industry leading magazine!

Earlier this year, Bluugo was visited by Ground Handling International Magazine and interviewed about our Delay Prediction Tool solution, which won the Innovation Award at The Pride of Ground Handling Awards in Gothenburg last November. The article has now been published in the latest issue of Ground Handling International Magazine! Check out the article to learn how Bluugo’s Machine Learning solution has quickly provided great results for Swissport and Finnair.

NB-IoT enables new Intelligent Solutions

As the number of devices connected to the IoT-network keeps rising, reliable and cost-efficient network solutions are becoming more and more crucial. Narrowband IoT is a huge step forward on this path.

Tehokas & helppokäyttöinen ratkaisu linjasaneerauksen projektinhallintaan

Tracking Cloud™ on tehokas & helppokäyttöinen ratkaisu linjasaneerauksen projektinhallinnan haasteisiin. Ratkaisumme avulla nostat tehokkuuttasi jopa kymmenillä prosenteilla!

New Advisor & Member of the Board of Directors: Tapani Järvinen

Bluugo Oy has nominated Tapani Järvinen as a new Member of the Board of Directors and Advisor for our company!

Why are we still using usernames/passwords for identification?

The combination of Username / Password is over 50 years old method for identification – why are we still using it today, when there are much superior methods available?

Intelligent Solutions for Maintenance & Field Services

There is a plethora of different solutions available for managing Maintenance & Field Service operations – how to make sure you pick the right one for your company?

Tracking Equipment & Supply Chains with Computer Vision

Lately, I’ve been thinking about how computer vision can be used to keep track of equipment and supply chains in challenging environments where other more traditional technologies struggle to deliver good results. This approach could be a real game-changer for many companies with high a number of tracked items.

Avoiding the pitfalls of Machine Learning

Machine Learning enables many innovative and nontraditional ways to improve business processes, but the execution of these projects often proves to be harder than anticipated. Find out what are the most common pitfalls of Machine Learning projects and how they can be avoided.

PWA’s – The Bane of Native Apps?
by Velipetteri Lehto

Will native apps soon be history as the rise of web-based solutions continues?

Business digitalization is happening now

A growing number of companies is starting to realize the vast possibilities of business digitalization, but at the same time there's many concerns and questions about the subject. How to get started on the digital journey?

International growth & Machine learning

The year has changed, the final numbers of 2018 have been added to the account books and the year 2019 has started with exciting atmosphere at Bluugo’s office. The desks are starting to fill up with new projects, but before diving in head-first, it is good to stop for a moment and look back to 2018.

A Visit from Ground Handling International

Ground Handling International visited Bluugos office this afternoon to interview us and Swissport Finland about our award-winning Tracking Cloud™ Flight Delay Prediction Tool. The innovative solution is starting to gain international attention in the ground handling industry.

Tracking Cloud™ wins the Innovation Award

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ with Machine Learning solution wins an Innovation Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards in Gothenburg. The grand final for the Best Handler-Airline Innovation Award was held on 27th November in Gothenburg bringing together the top innovations and professionals of the field.

Predicting flight delays
by Andrew Rowlinson

Over a million passengers pass through Helsinki airport every month. The ground handling services provided by Swissport Finland ensure that the baggage services at the airport operate quickly. Bluugo is partnering with Swissport to combine the power of data and the Tracking Cloud™ platform to detect airplane delays before they even happen.

The finalist!!!
by bluugo

The finalist for the best innovation award in Ground Handling International 2018 event.

Pidä kone kehräämässä
by Jarkko Puustinen

Huollon ja kunnossapidon keskeisimpiä asioita ovat reaaliaikainen ja avoin tilanneseuranta sekä vikojen ennakointi. ERP:t eli toiminnanohjausjärjestelmät ovat huollon ja kunnossapidon työkaluina usein jähmeitä ja käyttäjälisensseihin perustuvina kalliita. Lisäksi asiakkaiden ja alihankkijoiden liittäminen näihin järjestelmiin on hankalaa. Tähän on kuitenkin löydettävissä fiksuja ratkaisuja.