Automate the critical phases in your material flows

04/06/2020 by Eero Moilanen

More and more companies are collecting location data from their business processes, but in most cases the data alone is not enough to produce concrete added value. To get tangible results, the collected data needs to be efficiently shared with all involved parties such as customers, their customers, and vendors. Tracking Cloud’s ready-to-run tracking solution is designed to automate the critical phases in your material flows utilizing location data and the latest Geofencing technology.

Tracking Cloud™ automates the tracking of your material flows

Tracking Cloud’s ready-to-run tracking solution is designed to automate your material flow processes utilizing location data and the latest Geofencing technology.

Don’t know where your goods are?

With Tracking Cloud™, you can monitor the location of e.g. vehicles, containers, or trailers on the map in real-time and set automated transactions when the tracked objects leave or enter your geofenced areas. You’ll know exactly where everything is at all times.

Having to spend your days on the phone sorting out orders?

You can connect all your stakeholders to Tracking Cloud™ where they can browse their essential information independently. Share delivery time estimates and order status updates automatically and say goodbye to the endless status check phone calls and e-mails!

Do you know your Lead Times?

Tracking Cloud™ collects timestamps and accurate metrics of your processes. You can monitor your lead times, identify bottlenecks and boost your efficiency significantly.


Why location data itself is not sufficient

There are plenty of tracking solutions based on GPS and other positioning technologies in the market, and many companies are already collecting location data from their vehicle movements for example. This being said, many of the available solutions contain only the same basic features, which fail to produce real added value for the business.

Staring at the location of your vehicles on a map does not do much good, if you still need people to manually monitor and share the information with the right parties.

In our solution, all stakeholders can see the same data in real-time. Tracking Cloud™ contains all the tools, features and integrations you need to transform your raw location data into tangible added value for your business.


Tracking Cloud™ Geofencing Starter Package

Implementing Tracking Cloud’s geofencing solution is fast and easy – we have combined everything you need into a Starter Package with a fixed price tag. You can test the solution in action and see what type of results you get without the fear of exceeding your budget.

Tracking Cloud™ Geofencing Starter Package contains:

  • Ready-to-run software
  • Map services, geofences and transactions
  • Integration / ordering of sensors
  • Definition workshop
  • Onboarding workshop

Tracking Cloud™ is not dependant on any specific technology. We can utilize any existing location data sensors you have or provide suitable hardware as a part of the service.

The Tracking Cloud™ Geofencing Starter Package comes with a fixed price that covers all expenses for the first 4 months. After the initial 4-month period, the usage continues with a fixed monthly fee that is determined based on your business volume (e.g. number of tracked objects).

Ready to take the first step towards automated tracking?

Time is a precious resource and we don’t want to waste any of yours. Before setting up a comprehensive demo session, let’s spend 10 minutes to figure out if Tracking Cloud’s geofencing solution suits your business case. We can do this over the phone or with e-mail, whichever suits you the best.

Fill in your contact info and our experts will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

You can also read more about our Material Flow tracking solutions on our Tracking Cloud™ product page.

Eero Moilanen

Eero Moilanen

Manager, Projects & Sales

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