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Introducing the Machine Learning Kickstart Package – the easiest way to kickstart your Machine Learning Roadmap 100% remotely & risk-free!

Machine Learning is becoming more and more important for businesses, but it is often difficult to start building your capabilities up from scratch. The Machine Learning Kickstart Package is designed to transform your business challenges into solvable Machine Learning problems and tackle one of these challenges with your data.

The package is designed mainly for industry areas such as Manufacturing, Logistics, and Service & Maintenance and can be completed 100% remotely as we know many of you will be working from home right now.

To make this opporunity completely risk-free, we offer you an option to exit completely free of charge after the first phase of the package is completed. If you don't see enough value for your business, you can simply walk away. No bill, no hard feelings.

So, pick up the phone or write me an e-mail, and get started with your Machine Learning endeavors today!

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Machine Learning Kickstart Package

  1. Bluugo’s Machine Learning Roadmap
  2. Schedule & Pricing
  3. What Outcomes Can I Expect?
  4. Case Study: Predicting Flight Delays With Machine Learning
  5. Machine Learning Use Cases

Bluugo’s Machine Learning Roadmap

Bluugo’s Machine Learning Roadmap consists of 4 phases. The Machine Learning Kickstart Package covers the first two phases: Objective and Analysis. It is designed to offer you a fast and risk-free way to get started with your Machine Learning endeavors.

In Machine Learning, data is everything. The Machine Learning Kickstart Package helps you to move forward in your Roadmap by getting your data in order and producing initial value for your business.

We kick things off with the Objective Phase and turn your business challenges into solvable machine learning problems. There is no risk for you here as you can exit 100% free of charge after this phase as a part of the Machine Learning Kickstart Package.

In the Objective Phase, you will have a remote workshop with Bluugo’s experts to:

  • define your business challenges and objectives
  • discuss possible approaches for solving your business challenges
  • discuss your available data

Next up is the Analysis Phase, which will give you insight on how your data can solve a real business challenge. In this phase we will:

  • explore and visualize your data
  • identify a modelling approach which will solve your business challenge
  • identify potential issues with your data
  • present to you an initial Machine Learning model, visualizations, and a report on what you should do next.

Once the Kickstart Package is completed, you are free to proceed as you best see fit. You can continue with us and move on to Phases 3 and 4 of our Roadmap, hire another partner or move on independently. The choice is yours.

Schedule & Pricing

The Machine Learning Kickstart Package takes about 2 weeks to complete. We can start working within a week of the initial contact.

The price of the Machine Learning Kickstart Package varies depending on the business case and the amount & condition of your data. Contact us for more information on the pricing.

What Outcomes Can I Expect?

After the Machine Learning Kickstart Package is completed, you will have everything in place to start building Machine Learning powered solutions for your business and concrete answers to these questions:

  • What exact business outcomes you want to drive?
  • Are you collecting the right data to meet the objective?
  • Do you need to collect additional data?
  • What type of results you can expect if a solution is implemented?
  • What are the next steps towards a launch-ready solution?

Case Study: Swissport – Predicting Flight Delays With Machine Learning

A perfect example of using Machine Learning to solve business problems is the award-winning Flight Delay Prediction Tool developed for Swissport, the largest provider of airport ground services in the world.

Using Bluugo's Machine Learning algorithms and a variety of different data sources, the Flight Delay Prediction Tool helps to dynamically predict aircraft delays at the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in Finland with an accuracy six minutes and up to 9 hours in advance. This significantly reduces the amount of manual work needed and gives a real-time overview of the operations with a single glance of a monitor. This allows Swissport to allocate its resources efficiently and detect possible resource constraints long before an aircraft touches down.

In the Fall of 2018, the Flight Delay Prediction Tool was awarded an International Innovation Award in the Pride of Ground Handling Conference in Gothenburg (Best Airline-Handler 2018). Read more in an article by the Ground Handling International Magazine.

Machine Learning Use Cases

Machine Learning is a versatile tool that can be used in numerous different ways to solve business problems and streamline processes. Combined with other cutting-edge technologies, it can bring added value to almost any business environment one way or another.

If you choose to continue working with us after the Kickstart Package and move on to Phase 3 & 4 on our Machine Learning Roadmap, here are some examples of our Machine Learning use cases:

Logistics / Flow of Orders and Goods

  • Share estimates of arrival times with your customers and other stakeholders
  • Automate your tracking by reading number plates and labels on vehicles & containers
  • Digitize consignment notes and paper documents with computer vision

Service & Maintenance

  • Avoid unplanned maintenance activity by predicting failures in advance
  • Detect the condition of parts and products using computer vision
  • Optimize the scheduling of maintenance staff to tasks
  • Make your maintenance manual searchable using computer vision

Intelligent Warehousing

  • Optimize your layout to increase availability and reduce waste
  • Forecast demand to optimize your inventory
  • Share estimates of arrival and lead times with your customers and other stakeholders
  • Monitor stock levels and safety by using computer vision to track vehicles, pedestrians and items

Vehicle Loading & Unloading

  • Share estimates of arrival and departure times with your customers
  • Optimize your staff scheduling and allocate locations efficiently
  • Automate your tracking by recognizing vehicles, objects, and tasks using computer vision
  • Forecast demand for your services to optimize your staff scheduling
  • Understand the impact of a change of scheduling strategy via simulation

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