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Refrerence: Valtasiirto – Transparent & Efficient Loading Services

25/01/2019 by Bluugo

A Digital Ordering System powered by Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform creates a digital wrapper around Valtasiirto’s Industrial Park Vehicle Loading & Unloading processes.

Transparent & Efficient Loading Services

Valtasiirto is a Finnish company specialized in developing end-to-end solutions for industrial inbound & outbound logistics services.

The company’s service catalog covers internal & external transportations and deliveries, management of outdoor areas, repair & maintenance services, forklift & other machinery services and earthworks services. The objective of Valtasiirto is to produce solutions and services that can be cost-efficiently integrated into the production environments of the customer. The company currently employs 140 people and handles over a million tonnes of raw materials annually.

The collaboration between Bluugo and Valtasiirto originated from an urge to increase the effectiveness and transparency of the Loading Services in the Kupariteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park in Pori, Finland. The area is home to multiple production sites, whose products Valtasiirto loads into transportation vehicles five days a week. The development of a solution was started based on customer needs.

“Loading Services are an integral addition to our service catalog and a key factor in effective use of available resources. We wanted to develop the Loading Services to be more open and transparent for our customers – the digital ordering system created on Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform was a big step to the right direction”,

says Ville Saari, CEO of Valtasiirto.

The Digital Ordering System created by Bluugo combines the latest technology, equipment, and software into a ready-to-run solution package, which creates a Digital Wrapper around the traditional Industrial Park Logistics processes.

The collection of information from different phases of the loading process is easy and all stakeholders have real-time visibility of the status and schedule of each individual order. In addition to Valtasiirto, the solution is used by many companies operating in the Kupariteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park such as Aurubis, Cupori, and Luvata. After the implementation of the solution, there has been no need for time-consuming and labor-intensive manual paperwork anymore.

When a transportation company receives an order from one of the production sites, they can independently book a time for the loading directly from Tracking Cloud™ and fill in the information of the used vehicle. When the vehicle arrives to the site for loading, it is received in a traffic office, where all the essential information is available in real-time.

“The person loading a vehicle sees directly from the mobile app when the loading can begin, marks the task as started, logs any possible anomalies, and marks the task completed when the loading is done. Meanwhile, the customer who has ordered the transportation can monitor its status in real-time from their own devices.”, Elaborates Foreman Teemu Nordlund.

Tracking Cloud’s easy-to-use Mobile Tools enable the tracking of loading times for each separate order, even in situations where the same vehicle is loaded with goods from multiple production companies.

The seamless information sharing between different stakeholders enables efficient planning of the loading times, preparation for peak times, and real-time tracking of any specific vehicle in the area. After the implementation of the Tracking Cloud™ Solution, there has been a significant decrease in the waiting times for loading and the delay times of the deliveries, which increases the overall efficiency of the business.

The solution also makes it easier the solve possible disputes regarding the deliveries – each leaving load’s quality is documented with photographs stored in Tracking Cloud™.

All in all, the solution designed for Valtasiirto is a perfect example of investing in improved customer experience and end-to-end digital services. The ability to reshape traditional business models and adapt to the rapidly changing operational environments is a competitive advantage that is becoming more and more crucial across all industries.



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