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A Visit from the Ground Handling International

01/03/2019 by Bluugo

Ground Handling International visited Bluugos office this afternoon to interview us and Swissport Finland about our award-winning Tracking Cloud™ Flight Delay Prediction Tool. The innovative solution is starting to gain much international attention.

Honorary Guests from Abroad

Bluugo had the honor of acting as a host to Ground Handling International and Swissport Finland as they visited our Vantaa office today. The hot topic of the afternoon was our Tracking Cloud™ Flight Delay Prediction Tool developed in collaboration with Swissport Finland. The solution won the Innovation Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards in Gothenburg last November and now Ground Handling International wanted to dive deeper into the technology behind the project in the form of an interview for their own magazine.

A Unique Machine Learning Solution

The solution allows ground handling personnel to receive more precise information about the landing time of planes much earlier than before using machine learning and previously collected data. This makes the ground handling process more efficient, as ground handling personnel can effectively plan their work and have the right staff resources and vehicles at the right place in the right time. This greatly benefits Swissport, the airline companies as well as the passengers. Win-win-win.

Ground Handling International has been serving the global ground handling industry for over 20 years by providing an essential blend of industry news, in-depth features and coverage of a wide range of issues of relevance to those involved in decision-making within the handling sector that includes all aspects of above and below the wing operations including cargo handling. Today the title is recognized as the voice of the handling industry and has become essential reading for any handler across the globe. Ground Handling International is published six times a year in printed magazine format and is also available in electronic format.

Swissport is a multinational ground handling company with over 50 000 employees all around the world. We at Bluugo are very excited to be able to work with such great partners and look forward to future projects together!



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