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Cost-efficient Maintenance & Field Services with Intelligent Solutions

26/09/2019 by Jarkko Puustinen

The rapid development of technology and new intelligent solutions are providing companies in the Maintenance & Field Service industry with a vast potential to streamline their actions and solve many challenges traditionally associated with the sector. Have you yet seen a solution which doesn’t require Field Technicians to manually log their working hours or allocate them to certain maintenance locations?

Streamlined Maintenance and Field Service

Maintenance and Field Service processes are a crucial part of many companies’ business. When executed well, they enable continuous efficient working and allow focusing on the core processes of the business. On the other hand, if executed poorly, they can slow down or completely stop the business and cause extensive financial losses. Even though every company in the Maintenance and Field Service industry aims to offer their customers high-quality and reliable services, they are often faced with many challenges such as:

  • Difficult predictability of work loads
  • Maintaining constant efficiency of the Field Personnel
  • Inefficient communicating between different stakeholders
  • Absence of a clear big picture of the processes

There are a lot of different solutions and systems available for solving these challenges, but most of them offer only the same old features in a different looking UI. Many companies are still using traditional ERP’s to manage their Maintenance and Field Service processes, of which many haven’t seen much progress in the last decade and do not support the use of new technologies like IoT for example. In most cases, these traditional systems are just not flexible enough to be efficiently used for the management of daily operations and end up consuming a lot of working hours and resources. On top of that, these systems usually come with expensive licensing fees for each individual user, which raise to total operating costs to very high levels. Sound familiar?

New Solution for Old Challenges

Bluugo’s experts have a long background and vast hands-on experience of designing intelligent solutions for Maintenance and Field Services – we know what works in real life and what doesn’t. Based on this experience and our expertise on the latest cutting-edge technologies, we have designed a unique solution called Tracking Cloud™, which efficiently solves the traditional challenges of the industry. Tracking Cloud™ is especially suitable for companies whose Technicians move around a lot between different maintenance locations (e.g. Factory Maintenance or Field Maintenance). The maintenance locations can be the company’s own or its customers’.

Tracking Cloud™ utilizes the latest IoT-technology and advanced Intelligent Solutions for streamlined and efficient management of Maintenance and Field Service processes. You can manage and monitor all your processes with a single easy-to-use platform and easily share crucial information to in real-time. You can connect all your stakeholders to Tracking Cloud™ - customers, managers, technicians, subcontractors, etc. Using a shared platform improves communicating and information sharing between different stakeholders, increases the transparency of your processes and engages your customers. With Tracking Cloud’s built-in API’s, you can also connect it to all your existing systems like CRM’s, ERP’s and Financial Management systems.

Tracking Cloud’s advanced Intelligent Solutions and the latest IoT-technology allow you to collect data from all your processes. The collected data supports your decision making and can be used to identify bottlenecks, predict, optimize & automate your processes and transform reactive processes into proactive ones.

Tracking Cloud™ includes all the required technology, software and equipment as a part of the service, but we can also utilize your existing solutions and systems. Here are some of Tracking Cloud’s features:


Each company in the Maintenance & Field Service has its own specific needs – trying to build a solution that fits everyone is not the correct approach, because few companies need every possible feature available. This being said, many solutions providers are still selling their products as predefined packages which force customers to also pay for features that are not being used.

At Bluugo, we do things a bit differently. Our experts help each of our customers to pick the best suited tools, technologies and features for their business case with decades of hands-on experience. Tracking Cloud’s monthly fee is based on the selected features without additional charges for user licenses – you won’t pay for anything unnecessary.

Read more about Tracking Cloud's pricing on our product page.

Example Case of Tracking Cloud’s Maintenance & Field Service Solution

The need for maintenance action is identified

Utilizing Intelligent Sensors and the latest IoT-technology, Tracking Cloud™ automatically collects data (e.g. location, temperature, humidity and acceleration) from machinery and equipment. When predefined thresholds are exceeded, Tracking Cloud™ sends out an automated notification of the required maintenance action. Alternatively, customers can also send out maintenance notifications manually through Tracking Cloud’s Service Portal.

Automatic work order processing & technician dispatching

Once a notification of a required maintenance action is received, Tracking Cloud™ automatically assigns the task to the nearest available technician. Work orders are prioritized based on their urgency and the terms of maintenance contracts for the customer in question – with Tracking Cloud’s intelligent features, all this can be done completely automatically. Managers receive a real-time view of the status of all tasks, maintenance locations and technicians. Customers can monitor the progress of maintenance tasks independently through Tracking Cloud™.

A Technician receives the task

A Field Technicians receives a notification of a task assigned to him, containing all the essential information such as schedule, location, directions, information about the machine and the maintenance action in question and the contact information of the customer. Notifications can be executed using e.g. SMS’s or Push Notifications sent directly to the Technician’s mobile device. Technicians can view all their tasks in real-time directly from Tracking Cloud™. The consumer-grade interface of Tracking Cloud™ is designed to be very easy to use.

Reporting of the completed task

Once a task is completed, the Technician logs all the related details (e.g. working hours, used materials and spare parts, description of the performed maintenance action) to Tracking Cloud™ with their mobile device directly from the location. Intelligent solutions utilizing GPS, Geofencing, RFID-tags and timestamps can be used in the reporting of tasks, which allows automatic logging of working hours for example. Tracking Cloud’s Offline Capabilities allow the service to be used even when there is no internet connection available. Once a connection is re-established, all the information is automatically synchronized.

Automated billing

Tracking Cloud™ automatically sends the billing information of all reported tasks directly to the financial management systems in use. If the billing concerns an external customer, the invoice document can be formed automatically immediately after a task is completed. When necessary, reported tasks can be assigned to be manually approved before the billing is executed.

Get started today!

We are happy to tell you more about Tracking Cloud™ and its possibilities. Contact us and we’ll arrange a free consultation either face-to-face or over the phone, which ever suits you the best. Our experts will help you figure out how to streamline your Maintenance & Field Service operations in the best possible way.

You can also read more about our Maintenance & Field Service solution on our new Tracking Cloud™ product page.

Jarkko Puustinen

COB, Co-Founder

+358 44 364 5044


Jarkko Puustinen

COB, Co-Founder

Seasoned business digitalization and ERP professional with 25 years of hands-on experience and industry knowledge in various business areas such as aftermarket services, logistics, warehouse processes and production.

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