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Flexible working methods guarantee successful implementation of digital solutions

30/03/2020 by Eero Moilanen

The importance of flexible working methods in designing and implementing Digital Solutions is emphasized especially when circumstances are different from normal.

Special circumstances bring up the importance of flexible working methods

Over the past few weeks, many companies have been forced to radically re-shape their normal working methods. The global pandemic has emptied office buildings and shifted work to home-offices all around the world.

This abrupt transitioning away from the normal day-to-day routines is causing great challenges and uncertainty in many companies. From a solution providers perspective, this has been showing as meetings, workshops and implementation projects being re-scheduled or moved to a virtual format.

While many other companies have been frantically re-forging their working methods, it has been interesting to see how little the situation has affected Buugo’s operations.

Of course, we’ve had to re-schedule face-to-face meetings or move them to a virtual format like everybody else, and people have been working from home a lot more than usual, but this has not been perceived as an issue. Our solutions and working methods have been designed from the ground up to adapt to any special circumstances or customer needs we might encounter.

The implementation of our solutions – Virtually, On-site, or something in between?

The process of implementing Bluugo’s solutions is always done according the customers wishes and needs, from designing to support services and further development. Some of our customers prefer working solely on virtual collaboration tools for example. We have executed many projects 100% virtually from start to finish, without any need for physical presence.

In other cases, working solely with virtual tools is not a possibilty. And even if it were, many customers prefer more traditional working methods anyway. Our experts a re always ready to hop behind the wheel (or take the train, airplane or a boat…) and arrive to solve your challenges on-site. It doesn’t matter if it’s a development workshop, fixing some technical issues on site or optimizing work flows and processes in the field – our experts will be there to support you and make sure you’re getting the most out of our solutions.

If your operations are taking place in remote or otherwise challenging locations, there is still no reason to worry. Our experts are accustomed to working in exotic and challenging environments, like airports, mines and nuclear plants. Bluugo’s solutions are currently used in over 25 countries, from the jungles of South-America to the remote gold mines of the Arctic Circle.


Our experts aren’t easily startled. We’ll get the job done come hell or high water!

We speak both Business and Technology

The technical expertise of Bluugo’s experts is world-class by any standards, but on top of that we also speak fluent Business. Our team has decades of hands-on experience in designing and implementing Digital Solutions for various industries, from both sides of the table – buyers’ and providers’.

Our vast experience has taught us, that different groups inside a company have very differing perspectives when it comes to the implementation of new Digital Solutions. The CDO might be stressing out about the time and schedule of the whole project, while a warehouse worker might be worried how a new system will affect his daily operations.

The diverse understanding of different groups helps us design our solutions in a way which produces concrete value for all parties, all the way from the Board of Directors to the end-users in the field. The more different groups are included in the project from the start, the better the end-product will serve its initial purpose.

In need of a solution? Call us!

When you choose Bluugo as a partner for your next Digitalization Project, you will sleep your nights peacefully. We take great pride in our work and are always willing to go the extra mile to achieve the best results.

Our promise to you is: we deliver our solutions 100% on schedule and 100% in budget. Every time.

Contact us and we’ll talk more!

Eero Moilanen

Growth Manager


Eero Moilanen

Growth Manager

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