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LogiMAT 2020 Cancelled – Meet Us Virtually

05/03/2020 by Bluugo

LogiMAT 2020 has been canceled due to the recent developments in the coronavirus outbreak – but do not worry! Instead of meeting us face-to-face in Stuttgart, you can meet our experts virtually.

LogiMAT 2020 Cancelled

Due to the recent developments in the coronavirus outbreak, LogiMAT 2020, the International Trade Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management, has been cancelled.

This turn of events is very unfortunate for both visitors and exhibitors, but at Bluugo we believe the situation can still be turned into something positive! Our experts have reserved next week's Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday solely for virtual meetings with all of you, who wanted to meet us at the LogiMAT event. We will be more than happy to showcase our unique Tracking Cloud™ solutions virtually and help you figure out how to streamline your logistic processes with the latest tools & technologies!

Book a Virtual Meeting

We can set up a Microsoft Teams meeting, talk over the phone, exchange e-mails or use our website's live chat – whatever suits you the best.

Fill in your contact information, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

Tracking Cloud™ - The award-winning Digital Platform


Tracking Cloud™ is a unique Digital Platform that fills in the “missing link” in Digitalized Logistics Processes. It complements existing ERPs and WMS’s and enables fully Digitalized Industry 4.0 solutions by combining the power of IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and other cutting-edge technologies in a game-changing way. It offers companies a genuinely fast & easy way to implement new Digital Solutions for various logistics areas like tracking the flow of orders & goods, Vendor Managed Inventory and Intelligent Warehousing.

In 2018, our Tracking Cloud™ solution developed for Swissport was chosen as the winner of an international innovation award from over 100 contestants. The solution fully digitalizes the Intralogistics Processes of Helsinki-Vantaa Airport from tracking on-site vehicles to predicting the arrival & departure times of flights with Machine Learning.

End-to-end Service Package

Tracking Cloud’s five ready-to-run solution packages contain all the necessary software, hardware, technology, integrations and APIs required for end-to-end Digital Solutions. It offers business decision-makers a game-changing way to implement new innovations and business models within weeks, without costly grass-root level product development and massive IT-budgets.

A Variety of Technologies for Tracking Anything


Tracking Cloud™ uses a wide variety of technologies (e.g. NB-IoT, 5G, GPS, Geofencing, RFID, NFC, AI, Computer Vision, BLE, QR-codes, 3D models) and IoT-enabled sensors to collect data from different sources like vehicles, containers, flow of orders & goods, production sites, machinery, equipment and warehouse stock levels. The collected data can be e.g. timestamps, location, temperature, acceleration, humidity, impact shocks or weight, depending on what kind of information is required. To put it simply, you can track anything with Tracking Cloud™.

The collected data is combined and enriched with information from existing backend systems like ERPs, CRMs, WMS’s and MRPs – Tracking Cloud™ contains built-in APIs for integrating with these systems easily. The platform’s powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities are used to refine the collected data into valuable format.

Core Features & Competitive Advantages

The competitive advantages created by Tracking Cloud™ vary a lot depending on the use case, but the most common ones include features like:

- Custom KPIs and Dashboards

- Visualized Map Tools with real-time visibility

- Automation of labor-intensive manual processes like handling orders or taking inventory

- Intelligent Warehousing & VMI solutions

- Work planning & Optimized use of personnel resources

- Increased process efficiency with Machine Learning powered predictions & optimization

- Transforming one-time product sales into continuous services

- Creating new revenue streams by offering additional services like maintenance & support services

- Consumer-grade mobile tools for the end-users with custom branding

A common competitive advantage in every Tracking Cloud™ solution is the easy sharing of information. Companies can connect all their stakeholders to Tracking Cloud™ – employees, customers, customers’ customers, suppliers, manufacturers, subcontractors, drivers, field technicians, etc. – and easily share all essential information in real-time. The access levels of different users can be easily controlled with modifiable user roles and groups.


Fully Customizable to Your Needs

Tracking Cloud’s solutions can be fully tailored according to the individual needs and business volumes of each customer – it is used by both SMEs and some of the biggest Global Listed Companies in their respective fields like Swissport, Volvo, Andritz AG, Norilsk Nickel and Bufab.

Flexbile Pricing with No License Fees

Tracking Cloud’s billing is based on a monthly usage fee, which is determined by the features in use and the volume of the business. Customers do not pay for individual user licenses and can add additional features whenever they want based on their current needs. When a business grows, Tracking Cloud™ grows with it and supports the changing demands.



Your Partner in Digital Business

We unleash the full digital potential of your business with our hyperadaptive Tracking Cloud® platform.

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