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Elton Kullström Bluugo Oy

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Our experts have strong backgrounds in consulting and decades of hands-on experience in designing and implementing digital solutions for various industries - from both sides of the table. On top of their world-class technical expertise, our experts also speak fluent business.

The diverse understanding from both the technical and business perspectives helps us design our solutions in a way that produces concrete value for all parties, all the way from the Board of Directors to the end-users in the field.

Our seasoned experts are not afraid to get their hands dirty and are accustomed to working in exotic and challenging environments like airports, mines or nuclear plants. We always get the job done, whatever it takes.


Sales & Marketing

Elton Kullström

Sales Specialist

Sales Nordics

Laura Eberlein

Head of Revenue & Customer Success

Customer Success, Sales DACH

Rudolf Gefenitor

Sales Specialist

Sales DACH

Antti Sarasma

Marketing Manager

Marketing & Communications

The Board of Directors

Rami Juhela

CEO, Co-Founder

Jarkko Puustinen

COB, Co-Founder

Reko Lamminluoto

Solution Director, Co-Founder

Velipetteri Lehto

Solution Architect, Partner

Tapani Järvinen

Advisor, Member of the Board of Directors

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