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Optimize your business with machine learning

We help you to optimize your supply chains & maintenance processes and to better understand your business with data insights.

Our four-step roadmap identifies how you can use machine learning to optimize your business process and delivers a solution for you. It is 100% risk-free; you can exit after each step taking your data and insights with you.



Convert any image to text using our OCR (Optical Character Recognition) app! You can use the app to read text and recognize serial numbers or identifiers such as shipping container identification numbers, forms or reports, and vehicle license plates.

The OCR app has a powerful built-in computer vision model that can recognize any form of text or numbers. The app runs on your phone, which means you do not have to send your confidential images to the cloud of any third-party service provider.

You can use the OCR tool with an API to add artificial intelligence to your own apps and existing systems. For a complete solution, you can also use our ready-to-run Tracking Cloud® products which have the OCR capabilities as a built-in feature.


See hours into the future and know the arrival times of your vehicles and deliveries in real-time. You can then better plan your processes and staffing and get alerts of any upcoming problems.

Swissport uses our ETA prediction solution at Helsinki-Vantaa airport, where we provide visibility of the flight arrival times for the next 12 hours. Before our solution, the visibility window was only 30-60 minutes.

Our ETA solution won an innovation award in the 2018 Ground Handling Conference. Read more in an article by the GHI Magazine!



Know when your machines are going to break down in advance. You receive automated alerts so you can avoid unplanned maintenance and minimize your downtime.

We predict the upcoming problems using your machine's sensor data, which is combined and enriched with its maintenance history. You can use our machine learning models to provide a more proactive maintenance service.

Bluugo's Machine Learning Roadmap

Our four-step process helps identify how you can optimize your business using AI and machine learning.
To make this risk-free, you can exit after each stage taking your data and insights with you.

Objective Phase

Business Objective Workshop

Defining of pivotal KPI's

Analysis Phase

Data Visualization & Quality Assessment

Building of Pipelines & Initial Models

MVP Phase

Creation of MVP

Optimizing the MVP based on user feedback

Tweaking the models if necessary

Launch Phase

Launch of the finalized Machine Learning Solution

Responding to changes in the business environments or data & retraining the models when necessary

The time to act
is now

The utilization of cutting-edge technologies like Machine Learning & AI will be one of the deciding factors which separates the winners and losers of the business world in the near future.

Which will your company be?

Get in touch today, and let’s discuss how your company could benefit from Machine Learning and AI!

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