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ANDRITZ – Heavy-duty Asset Tracking with Tracking Cloud®

13/08/2019 by Bluugo

The international technology group ANDRITZ deployed Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® to monitor their heavy-duty industrial filtering machinery and streamline related operations.

170 years of innovative technologies

ANDRITZ is an international technology group providing plants, systems, equipment, and services for various industries. The company is one of the technology and global market leaders in the hydropower business, the pulp and paper industry, the metal working and steel industries, and in solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial segments.

The Solution

  • A “digital wrapper” around ANDRITZ’s heavy-duty industrial filtering machinery with Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® platform
  • The solution gathers condition data from the machinery with IoT-enabled sensors and combines it with data from PLC systems
  • The information is shared in real-time with all stakeholders and utilized for machine health status monitoring, predictive maintenance, and reporting

The Results

  • 24/7 view of machinery health statuses
  • Predictive maintenance recommendations
  • Maximized machine uptime
  • Increased production performance

Heavy-duty Asset Tracking with Tracking Cloud®

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® platform creates a “digital wrapper” around ANDRITZ’s heavy-duty industrial filter presses. The solution gathers a variety of data from the machinery by utilizing IoT enabled sensors and connecting to ANDRITZ’s PLC systems. The collected data is shared in real-time with all stakeholder groups.

The solution allows 24/7 monitoring of machine health statuses and easy & accurate reporting. Predictive maintenance recommendations help to and maximize machine uptime and increase production efficiency.



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