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Harrasteosa – Managing a massive product range with Tracking Cloud®

25/08/2020 by Bluugo

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform converts Suomen Harrasteosa’s massive product range into a unified and easily manageable digital format.

High-quality & affordable spare parts for leisure time vehicles

Suomen Harrasteosa is a brand-independent vendor of spare parts and repair services for leisure time vehicles such as ATVs, mopeds, lawn mowers, and snowmobiles.

Harrasteosa does not represent a specific brand or a manufacturer but acts independently to always offer its customers the most suitable spare parts for each situation.

The Problem

  • A product range of 100 000+ items managed with physical product catalogues
  • Lack of real-time availability and price information
  • The spare part sales process requires a lot of manual work

The Solution

  • A new digital service called Easyparts that runs on Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® platform
  • The solution converts Harrasteosa’s massive product range into a unified and easily manageable digital format
  • Easyparts allows Harrasteosa’s employees to search, compare, and order spare parts to their stores through a single easy-to-use platform

The Results

  • Streamlined sales process with digital tools
  • Easy comparison of different product options
  • More time spent on sales and less time searching for suitable products from catalogues
  • Store-specific inventory optimization
  • Store-specific demand predictions

Managing a product range of 100 000 items with Tracking Cloud®

Harrasteosa’s competitive advantage to other players in the industry is the independence of a specific spare part brand or manufacturer. They offer a wide range of products from different brands and manufacturers, which gives the consumer a freedom of choice – the customers can choose the product that best meets their needs from objectively presented options.

At the same time, the wide range of products also produces its own challenges. There can be tens or hundreds of versions of a similar spare part available from different manufacturers. In total, Harrasteosa’s product range covers more than 100,000 different items. Before implementing the Tracking Cloud® solution, the only way to compare different product options was to look for parts in physical catalogs of different manufacturers, which produced a large amount of manual work for Harrasteosa’s employees.

Tracking Cloud® converts the huge product range into an easily manageable digital format. Instead of browsing through physical paper catalogs, Harrasteosa’s employees can now search for products with a free word search directly in the Easyparts solution.

When a customer arrives at one of Harrasteosa's stores to buy, for example, a new brake cable for his moped, the salesperson can simply perform a search with the term "brake cable" and see all the matching product options. The customer can then easily compare the product features, availability, and price of the parts on offer and choose the most suitable option from an objectively presented selection.

Benefits for all stakeholder groups

The Easyparts solution offers tangible benefits for all involved stakeholder groups:

Consumers / Customers

  • Better and faster service
  • Objective and transparent view of all available product options

Harrasteosa’s local entrepreneurs

  • Significant time saving and decreased amount of manual work
  • Committed and satisfied customers through enhanced service experience


  • Collection of valuable data from the performed product searches
  • Optimization of inventory and product range based on the data
  • Committed local entrepreneurs



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