Connect to
any existing system

Tracking Cloud™ offers several different built-in integration methods for connecting to different backend systems and resources such as web services, legacy systems, and IoT sensors.

Thanks to our dynamic APIs, the integrations can be executed without changes needed at your end of the systems.

Seamless Integrations to Any Existing System
We Take the Stress Out of the Integration Process

Take the stress out of the integration process

With conventional IT tools, integrations are one of the most common pain points companies struggle with. Modern B2B environments require seamless data flow with both internal and external systems, and achieving this is often a slow, complex, and highly expensive process.

We offer the entire integration process as a part of our Tracking Cloud™ service concept. You don’t have to worry about the technical execution and can focus on your business objectives.

Tracking Cloud™ connectivity overview

Tracking Cloud Connectivity Overview

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