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Unique Digital Platform recognized with an international Innovation Award, Business-first approach in every project and decades of experience from designing Digital Solutions across numerous industries. This is Bluugo in a nutshell.

We offer end-to-end digital solutions for Logistics, Material Flows, Manufacturing, Warehousing and Maintenance & Field Services, powered by our unique Tracking Cloud™ platform.

We do not hide behind endless tech-jargon or complex acronyms but focus on producing concrete results with extremely short time-to-value. Our ready-to-run solution packages cover all the required technology, software, and comprehensive onboarding & support services.

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Success StoriesSuccess Stories

Bluugo has helped numerous companies from various industries to streamline their business processes with Tracking Cloud™ and our innovative solutions. Our customers range from Finnish SME’s to global Listed Companies – our solutions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer no matter the size or shape of the business. You can read more about some of our Success Stories by clicking to logos below.

Intelligent Maintenance & Field Services. Read More!

Intelligent Maintenance & Field Services

Europress, founded in 1977 in Finland, is the leading manufacturer of waste compactors and balers in northern Europe. Europress offers its customers end-to-end solutions for recycling and waste management with over 40 years of experience. The company is a pioneer in utilizing the newest technologies, intelligent solutions and Finnish Cleantech expertise to develop and streamline the processes of recycling and waste management. Europress currently operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Russia.

Maintenance & Field Services are an integral element in the business process of Europress. In order to provide streamlined end-to-end solutions for recycling and waste management, the processes of Maintenance & Field Service need to work seamlessly. The execution of these processes traditionally comes with many challenges, such as the difficult predictability of workloads, maintaining constant efficiency, inefficient communicating and information sharing, difficult monitoring of work processes and the absence of a clear big picture.

Bluugo’s solution for Europress tackles these challenges by using our unique Tracking Cloud™ platform to create a digital “shell” around the processes of Maintenance & Field Services. Tracking Cloud™ connects to the information systems of Europress, creating a single, easy-to-manage system.

When a customer notifies Europress of a need for maintenance action, managers can immediately see from Tracking Cloud™ which type of equipment is in question, which area’s field technicians will execute the task and on what schedule it can be completed. Field technicians receive their tasks in real-time from Tracking Cloud™, which provides them with all the essential information such as location, the equipment in question, description of the maintenance action and the contact information of the customer.

Once a task is completed, field technicians enter the associated details directly into Tracking Cloud™, which automatically sends the billing information to the information systems of Europress. The solution also includes Offline Functionality, which enables usage even when there is no internet connection available. Once a connection is re-established, the information is automatically updated to Tracking Cloud™.

The clear and easy-to-manage big picture, systematic monitoring of work tasks and efficient communicating and information sharing between all interest groups enable Europress to continuously optimize their business processes and offer their customers better, more transparent services. The transparent, high-quality service builds strong foundations for long-term customer relationships, while the optimized business processes and efficient use of resources boost the overall profitability of the business.

Read more on our blog: Intelligent Solutions for Maintenance & Field Services

Predicting Flight Delays with Machine Learning. Read More!

Predicting Flight Delays with Machine Learning

Swissport International Ltd is the largest provider of airport ground services in the world with activity in over 300 locations and 50 countries all around the globe. Swissport Finland Oy started its operations in 2011 and currently has over 1000 employees in the Helsinki-Vantaa Airport, handling approximately 42 000 tonnes of air cargo annually.

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ -platform connects Swissport’s business processes under one digital shell. Using RFID-sensors and the latest IoT-technology, Tracking Cloud™ gathers real-time data from different sources such as vehicle movements, departure times of flights and weather conditions. This data can be used in many ways to improve business processes.

A good example of this is the Tracking Cloud™ Flight Delay Prediction Tool. Utilizing Machine Learning and a variety of data sources connected to Tracking Cloud™, this innovative solution predicts the arrival times of flights with improved precision much earlier than before. As a result, Swissport can now plan their processes more efficiently and make sure that the right personnel & equipment is in the right place at the right time. This improves the whole ground handling process, which greatly benefit Swissport, the airline companies and the flight passengers also.

“Our cooperation with Bluugo has been very successful and we’re on quite a digitalization journey together. Before we started to work with Bluugo, our business was at a point where we had to either increase the amount of working hours or find new, more efficient methods – the old way of doing things just wasn’t sufficient anymore.

We started to look for a solution, focusing mainly on the business side of things while the required technologies were chosen as the project advanced.

Tracking Cloud™ has lived up to our expectations and we see huge potential in developing it even further. Right now, we’re thinking of how this solution could change our whole product range and through that, our entire business. The question is not so much if, but when this will happen.

Communicating with Bluugo has been easy and the working methods have been very suitable for us. As a global corporation, we have also noticed Bluugo’s readiness to work together with people from our HQ as well. IT-projects can also be fun, when you have the right partner!”

-Tomi Viitanen,
CEO, Swissport Finland

The Flight Delay Prediction Tool has gained a lot of attention throughout the industry and was chosen as the winner of an international Innovation Award at the Pride of Ground Handling Awards conference in Gothenburg last November.

The industry leading publication Ground Handling International Magazine wrote an article about our solution in their June 2019 issue. Read the complete article here.

Streamline & Transparent VMI with Tracking Cloud™. Read More!

Streamline & Transparent VMI with Tracking Cloud™

Bufab is an international trading company that offers its customers a full-service solution as Supply Chain Partner for sourcing, quality control and logistics for C-Parts. The company runs operations in 27 countries with more than 1 200 employees – net sales for the past 12 months amounted to 410 million USD. Bufab is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.

“In a constantly changing world in which techniques are becoming ever more intricate and industries are growing and developing larger global networks, Bufab takes end-to-end responsibility to make sure that you have an efficient supply chain system. C-Parts might be a small part of your business. But they’re one that literally holds it together. And certainly one that can overturn production and cause huge problems when suppliers aren’t working as they should. Need to. Have to!”

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) with C-Parts services is dependent on big business and large volumes. In order to be effective and cost-efficient, customer stock has to be replenished frequently and in bulk. Operations need to be built on trust and transparency – all stakeholders have to be able to work together to accurately determine forecasts for demand in the long and the short term. To run C-Part supply chain operations smoothly and just-in-time manner, we need to use state of the art technologies and solutions – this is where Bluugo and our Tracking Cloud™ platform comes in the picture.

Combining Tracking Cloud’s™ cutting-edge IoT-, RFID- & NFC-technologies and the modifiable, customer-grade interface, Bufab has launched a new cloud service called EasyTrack™. The service runs on the Tracking Cloud™ platform and connects to a variety of on-site solutions which gather data from different C-part processes to provide companies with a transparent, real-time overview of their racks, bins, refilling, orders, drawings and more.

The improved transparency over VMI processes creates a sturdy foundation for strong customer relationships while also improving efficiency. EasyTrack™ is used by both Bufab and their customers – the same service suits all users. The process of managing
C-parts has never been smoother!

“Some of us enjoy the challenge. The potential glory. The moments of all or nothing. The hard work and improving of details to increase margins. But most of us just want things to be Easy.”

Check out Bufab's Video on EasyTrack™:

Stay ahead with Bufab EasyTrack™

Transparent & Efficient Loading Services with Tracking Cloud™. Read More!

Transparent & Efficient Loading Services

Valtasiirto is a Finnish company specialized in developing end-to-end solutions for Industrial Inbound & Outbound Logistic services.

The company’s service catalogue covers internal & external transportations and deliveries, management of outdoor areas, repair & maintenance services, forklift & other machinery services and earthworks services. The objective of Valtasiirto is to produce solutions and services that can be cost-efficiently integrated into the production environments of the customer. The company currently employs 140 people and handles over a million tonnes of raw materials annually.

The collaboration between Bluugo and Valtasiirto originated from an urge to increase the effectiveness and transparency of the Loading Services in the Kupariteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park in Pori, Finland. The area is home to multiple production sites, whose products Valtasiirto loads into transportation vehicles five days a week. The development of a solution was started based on customer needs.

“Loading Services are an integral addition to our service catalogue and a key factor in effective use of available resources. We wanted to develop the Loading Services to be more open and transparent for our customers – the digital ordering system created on Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ platform was a big step to the right direction”, says Ville Saari, CEO of Valtasiirto.

The Digital Ordering System created by Bluugo combines the latest technology, equipment and software into a ready-to-run solution package, which creates a Digital Wrapper around the traditional Industrial Park Logistics processes.

The collection of information from different phases of the loading process is easy and all stakeholders have real-time visibility of the status and schedule of each individual order. In addition to Valtasiirto, the solution is used by many companies operating in the Kupariteollisuuspuisto Industrial Park such as Aurubis, Cupori and Luvata. After the implementation of the solution, there has been no need for time-consuming and labor-intensive manual paperwork anymore.

When a transportation company receives an order from one of the production sites, they can independently book a time for the loading directly from Tracking Cloud™ and fill in the information of the used vehicle. When the vehicle arrives to the site for loading, it is received in a traffic office, where all the essential information is available in real-time.

“The person loading a vehicle sees directly from the mobile app when the loading can begin, marks the task as started, logs any possible anomalies and marks the task completed when the loading is done. Meanwhile, the customer who has ordered the transportation can monitor its status in real-time from their own devices.”, Elaborates Foreman Teemu Nordlund.

Tracking Cloud’s easy-to-use Mobile Tools enable the tracking of loading times for each separate order, even in situations where the same vehicle is loaded with goods from multiple production companies.

The seamless information sharing between different stakeholders enables efficient planning of the loading times, preparation for peak times and real-time tracking of any specific vehicle in the area. After the implementation of the Tracking Cloud™ Solution, there has been a significant decrease in the waiting times for loading and the delay times of the deliveries, which increases the overall efficiency of the business.

The solution also makes it easier the solve possible disputes regarding the deliveries – each leaving load’s quality is documented with photographs stored in Tracking Cloud™.

All in all, the solution designed for Valtasiirto is a perfect example of investing in improved customer experience and end-to-end digital services. The ability to reshape traditional business models and adapt to the rapidly changing operational environments is a competitive advantage that is becoming more and more crucial across all industries.

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Our ready-to-run solution packages cover all the required technology, software, and comprehensive onboarding & support services.

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