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At Bluugo, we use our unique digital platform Tracking Cloud™ to offer intelligent solutions for Logistics, Manufacturing, Maintenance & Field Services, Asset Tracking, VMI and Warehousing.

We are not your average software provider – our business concept combines decades of industry experience, the latest technologies, and ready-to-run software solutions into a single end-to-end service package.

Instead of contemplating on technical details and allocating your best people on an IT project, you can focus on the actual business and innovation – providing the shortest time-to-value in the market.


Tracking Cloud™

The game-changing digital platform.

Tracking Cloud™ is Bluugo's award-winning digital platform that acts as the heart of our every solution.

It connects all your stakeholders and existing backend systems under a digital wrapper, enabling seamless data collection and information sharing over company boundaries.

Our ready-to-run solution packages cover all the required technology, hardware, and software, as well as comprehensive deployment, onboarding & support services.

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The story behind Bluugo

It was the year 2014. The business world was going through major changes as digitalization and new cutting-edge technologies were shaking up the foundations of many traditional industries.

Many companies were trying to create new solutions with the same old IT tools and monolithic ERP systems that just weren't up for the task. Budgets and schedules were continuously exceeded and there was a lot of frustration in the air.

Our founders knew there had to be a better way, and there was.

Bluugo was born.

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Meet our
awesome team

The technical know-how of Bluugo’s experts is world-class by any standards, but on top of that, we also speak fluent Business.
Our team has decades of hands-on experience in designing and implementing Digital Solutions for various industries.

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Our experts happen to know a thing or two about digitalization, technology, and the latest trends in the business world.

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