Let's get [results]
Bluugo offers an easy and fast way to digitize your products and services. We packaged the most recent technology, hardware and software as a service for you to utilize. With us you can increase your productivity and gain an edge. We are front runners in RFID and IoT and share a common language with business and IT alike. Bluugo knows what works in the real world. Our operational models and solutions are unique and the results have been phenomenal. Take a giant digital leap with us in the right direction and together we’ll make something great happen in a matter of weeks.
A true [cloud service]
The heart of the service is our own product Tracking Cloud™. Tracking Cloud has been built from the beginning to embed all the stakeholders: for example subcontractors, maintenance and customer base can access the application within the limits you set. With IoT and Tracking Cloud you can create new business innovations and improve your current ones.
[Fast] gains
Instead of trying to tackle every potential problem in one go our approach is to focus on a single tangible case and offer a productive solution quickly. With Tracking Cloud two weeks could be enough to introduce you to real time digital processes which are an asset immediately.
[Customer experience] is the key
Customer experience and service quality will continue to gain importance and reward those on top of it. With Bluugo your products and services exist in a digital dimension also for your customers. Looking fine, just as your brand deserves.
See how it can be [done]
Tracking Cloud™
Track processes and collect data. Analyse. Keep your customers up to date.
Tracking Cloud™ in collaboration
Contact app - Better customer service
Our consultants are highly experienced in building integrations for on-premise systems.
The application is based on the most recent RFID and sensor technology. Sensors and readers can be installed on objects which enables the collection of location and thermal data in real time.
User experience
We pay a lot of attention to usability and design so no wonder Tracking Cloud’s user interface is intuitive and modern.
Collect data and documents in Tracking Cloud and use it to share. Via customer portal you can communicate with your client.
Mobile application
Tracking Cloud is fully responsive so you can use it with all your mobile devices.
Access control
You can also track people, for example the guests on your premises.
Tracking Cloud is easily scalable by nature. You can open the web-based app anywhere and anytime.
Easy to grasp dashboards give you a clear real time view of the field.
Our solutions are utilized at the core of revenue logic, the exact spot where competitive edge and agility are created. Accordingly respecting our clients´ trade secrets we can´t advertise every one of our accomplishments.