New Whitepaper: "Why The Upcoming Traceability Standards are a Game-Changer for Modern Supply Chains"

Bluugo makes
digital business sense

At Bluugo, our ambition is to transform businesses and unleash their full digital potential.

Our hyperadaptive Tracking Cloud® platform enables companies to digitalize their core business processes in supply chains, manufacturing, and aftermarket services with unprecedented ease, speed, and efficiency!

Tracking Cloud
Tracking Cloud Platform

Finally, a cloud platform that looks, acts, and talks like you

Tracking Cloud® is the world’s first hyperadaptive cloud platform for B2B digitalization.

It enables companies to digitalize their mission-critical business processes in a faster, more agile, and more intelligent way than any conventional solution.

Visibility = control
Tracking Cloud is up 8760 hours a year

Tracking Cloud® connects every element and stakeholder in your value chain under a single platform.

It provides true end-to-end visibility over your business from the shop floor to the top floor and enables seamless collaboration between every involved party.

You are always in full control of your business and can sleep your nights in peace.

End-to-End Visibility

Digitalization shouldn't be an IT project

Digitalizing your business can seem like a complex and overwhelming task when executed with the conventional IT approach. The original business innovations and objectives get easily buried under the exhausting IT project management that is caused by the outdated tools and methods.

Bluugo's hyperadaptive approach offers a revolutionary new way of digitalizing your business with unprecedented ease and speed. Our average timeline for production-ready solutions is just 8-12 weeks - without a tedious IT project!

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