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Advancing Industrial Excellence: Bluugo & GS1 Partnership

15/02/2024 by Bluugo

Through our recently started partnership with GS1, we can fully leverage established technology standards like EPCIS and Digital Link in our Tracking Cloud® platform, enabling a new level of operational efficiency and compliance readiness for customers.

A New Level of Operational Efficiency and Compliance Readiness for Industrial B2B Companies

We are pleased to announce the recently started partnership between Bluugo and GS1, the global leader in supply chain standards. This milestone marks a significant enhancement for our Tracking Cloud® platform by further strengthening its capabilities in leveraging widely established GS1 technology standards such as Digital Link, EPCIS, and related tools such as Synkka (in the Finnish market).

For those unfamiliar, EPCIS enables businesses to gain real-time visibility into their supply chain, tracking the movement and status of products at every stage, Meanwhile, Digital Link provides a standardized way for encoding and accessing product information, ensuring seamless access for consumers, suppliers, and stakeholders.

What does this mean for our customers?

With the capabilities enabled by the GS1 standards, we can now offer a new level of operational efficiency and compliance readiness for our industrial B2B clients, which manifests in numerous ways:

1. Enhanced Visibility

With EPCIS, businesses gain real-time insights into their supply chain, facilitating seamless sharing of traceability information.

2. Seamless Integration

Digital Link bridges physical products and digital information, enabling quick access to rich product details for all stakeholders. Whether verifying authenticity or tracking sustainability, anyone can access comprehensive product information directly using their smartphones, enhancing transparency and trust universally.

3. Streamlined Compliance with EU Regulations

In the light of the quickly evolving EU regulatory landscape, our integration of these GS1 standards positions us to assist your business in seamlessly adapting to the constant changes. As these regulations become increasingly integral to industrial operations across the EU, our platform ensures that your business remains at the forefront of compliance and efficiency.

For more information on the growing regulatory landscape and related topics such as the CSRD, eFTI, and EU Battery Regulation , check out our free guide: "Navigating the Growing Requirements in Traceability: the 6 Steps to Success".

4. Future-Proofness

By adopting industry-standard GS1 solutions, businesses ensure their operations remain adaptable and scalable for future needs, safeguarding against technological obsolescence & preventing vendor lock-ins and costly in-house development.

Example Use Case – Enhanced Transparency and Efficiency

The inclusion of GS1 standards like Digital Link and EPCIS in Tracking Cloud® is more than a technical upgrade – it's a strategic enhancement of how we handle data transparency and supply chain traceability as a whole. These tools are designed to optimize the way industrial companies manage and share product information, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every transaction. Let’s examine one possible scenario through an example use case:

Imagine a manufacturing company producing industrial machinery components. By incorporating GS1 standards such as 2D barcodes containing GTINs onto each component, the company enables seamless identification and traceability of their components throughout the entire value chain. All relevant information is available by all stakeholder groups whenever it is required, ensuring accurate inventory management and order fulfillment, efficient communication, and streamlined aftermarket processes.

TC GS1 value chain

Another notable advantage of adopting GS1 standards is their accessibility and simplicity. Companies don't require additional licenses or new technologies; all that's needed is the company ID to become GS1 compliant, making it a cost-effective and straightforward solution. Moreover, GS1 standards provide a future-proof solution, aligning the company with global best practices and regulatory requirements, thus safeguarding its investments and ensuring compliance in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

In summary, by embracing GS1 standards, our example manufacturing company gains enhanced traceability, operational efficiency, and resilience, positioning itself for sustained success in the dynamic marketplace.

Partnering for Future-Proof Solutions

At Bluugo, we are committed to providing future-proof solutions that will help our industrial clients now and tomorrow. As your business navigates the complex landscape of EU regulations and industrial demands, our Tracking Cloud® platform, now enriched with GS1 standards, stands ready to support the journey towards enhanced operational excellence and growth.

We encourage you to reach out to us and explore how a partnership with Bluugo can specifically benefit your company and operations. Our team of experts stands ready to offer tailored advice with 20+ years of industry experience and deliver game-changing solutions that align with your unique business needs in this new era of industrial compliance and digital transformation.

Company Profile: GS1

GS1 is a neutral, global collaboration platform that brings industry leaders, government, regulators, academia, and associations together to develop standards-based solutions to address the challenges of data exchange. The GS1 ecosystem covers over 2 million user companies, 116 countries and 10 billion daily transactions. The member companies range from international household names to small, local businesses. Designed by consensus, GS1's standards are proven, open and benefit from collaboration with respected global companies.

Visit the GS1 website for more information.



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