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Bluugo signs a 1m€ deal with FTIA for a mission-critical spare parts management system

14/05/2024 by Bluugo

Bluugo has signed a 5-year contract with The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency FTIA (Väylävirasto) for a Spare Parts Management System that will be used to maintain critical railway infrastructure across Finland.

FTIA Chooses Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® for a mission-critical Spare Part Management Solution for the Finnish railway network

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, FTIA has recently chosen Bluugo and our Tracking Cloud® platform as the winner of a tendering process for delivering a Spare Part Management System for the Finnish railway network.

The contract period is 5 years with the total deal value of around 1 million euro. The project starts immediately and the solution will be in production use in Q3 2024.

The Solution – End-to-end Visibility & Seamless Stakeholder Collaboration

The delivered Tracking Cloud® solution will be used for the management and logistics of maintenance materials for mission-critical control and safety devices in the Finnish railway network, providing end-to-end visibility over the entire process.

Another pivotal objective is ensuring seamless collaboration between stakeholder groups in a complex operating environment that entails several different stakeholder groups – both internal and external. In addition to FTIA, the users will include people from e.g. the maintenance contractors, equipment suppliers, track managers, and logistics companies.

Lightning-fast implementation with hundreds of detailed requirements – enabled by Tracking Cloud’s Hyperadaptability

Considering the mission-critical nature and complex multi-user operating environment of the solution, it is self-evident why there is a long list of detailed requirements and why the quality standards are set on a very high-level. Combined with an extremely rapid timeline for implementing the solution, this effectively rules out most conventional IT suppliers and off-the-shelf solutions.

Thanks to the Hyperadaptability of our Tracking Cloud® platform, Bluugo is able to fulfill all of the detailed-level requirements for the solution without any custom-coding while simultaneously keeping up with the lightning-fast schedule. Basically, it means delivering a fully customized digital solution with the speed and easiness of an off-to-shelf software – with fully predictable TCO, practically zero risks, and no exhausting IT project.

In this case, the cost-savings compared to a conventional IT approach are measured in the hundreds of thousands, not to mention the saved time. The whole project will be completed in about 10 weeks.

FTIA – Securing the State Transport Network

The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, FTIA is an expert agency of about 480 people, concentrating on planning, developing, and maintaining road, rail, and maritime transport infrastructure and the coordination of transport and land-use. It is also responsible for arranging traffic control and winter navigation.

FTIA deals with the service level of transport, thus promoting well-being in Finnish society and Finnish business competitiveness. Its task is to respond efficiently and responsibly to customer needs arising from changes in transportation and to produce a growth platform for society in the form of a functional and safe infrastructure. In addition, it plays an important part in promoting development and responsible construction in the infrastructure field.

For more information visit FTIA’s website.



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