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Canadian mining company Agnico Eagle chooses Tracking Cloud®

17/02/2020 by Bluugo

Agnico Eagle is a senior Canadian gold mining company that has produced precious metals since 1957.

Agnico Eagle starts collaboration with Bluugo

The Canadian gold mining company Agnico Eagle has recently chosen Bluugo’s award-winning Tracking Cloud® platform to be used for the tracking of on-site material flows. The agile digital solution will provide real-time visibility of the heavy-duty material flows in demanding conditions.

We are very excited to start collaboration with yet another one of the biggest players in their respective field. Our unique Tracking Cloud® solutions are used in over 20 countries around the globe already!

Gold mining with 60 years of experience

The Toronto-based Agnico Eagle has been producing precious metals since 1957. The company is currently running operations in Canada, Mexico, and Finland and employs over 8000 people with a revenue of 2,2 billion USD (2018).

The name "Agnico" is derived from the periodic table of elements using the symbols for silver (Ag), nickel (Ni) and cobalt (Co).



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