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New Tracking Cloud™ Feature: Communications Channel

17/12/2021 by Bluugo

The Communications Channel is a new Tracking Cloud® feature that allows you to easily communicate crucial information to all your different interest groups – even those who are not Tracking Cloud® users themselves.

Greetings from the Dev Team

Since 2014, we at Bluugo have been on a quest to create the perfect digital platform and offer our customers the best possible solutions – with the fastest time-to-value in the market. During the years, Tracking Cloud® has seen a lot of changes, but the foundations have remained the same and one thing has become very clear: it will never be ready.

We are constantly developing Tracking Cloud® to be even better, faster, and versatile. Each year, a significant portion of our resources is used for product development and new features are added to the platform at a steady pace. Behind each new feature there is a need derived from our customers.

What we haven’t been doing the best possible job at is communicating these new opportunities to you – the users of Tracking Cloud®. From now on, we vow to follow a more systemic approach in communicating about new features – so you can make the most out of Tracking Cloud®.

So, be sure to check out our new DevNews blogs from now on, where we highlight new the newest features and additions to the Tracking Cloud® service.

New feature in Tracking Cloud®: Communications Channel

The Communications Channel is a new Tracking Cloud® feature that allows you to easily communicate crucial information to all your different interest groups and keep everyone up to speed.

  • The communication happens with e-mails and SMS messages which are sent directly from the Tracking Cloud® service

  • It is especially handy when communicating with people who do not have Tracking Cloud® accounts, and in situations where you need to urgently share information with a large number of people

  • Contacts can be added under locations or companies in the Tracking Cloud® and are always managed in a GDPR compliant way


  • Managing the contact information of your different stakeholders can be done directly in Tracking Cloud® instead of excel sheets or notebooks – everyone has access to up-to-date information when it is needed.

  • You can easily send messages to tens, hundreds, or even thousands of recipients at once instead of doing it manually – this can be a huge time-saver.

  • Creating and scheduling messages in advance allows you to plan your operations more efficiently.

  • Enhanced customer experience through efficient communication– everyone likes to be on top of the situation!

How does it work

Add contacts

When the Communications Channel feature is activated in your Tracking Cloud® environment, contacts can be added under any location or a business. Adding contacts can be done manually or with an excel import.

Compose your message

Write your message directly in Tracking Cloud®. You can create new messages from scratch or used saved templates to save time if you send the same type of messages often.

The messages can be sent as e-mails, SMS messages, or both – whichever you prefer. A PDF version can also be attached to the e-mail.

Choose recipients

You can choose recipients manually one by one or choose whole groups at a time based on the locations or companies they are listed under

Send the message or schedule a sending time for later

The messages can be sent immediately or scheduled to be sent at any desired time in the future.


Industries & Use Cases

The Communications Channel feature suits any company that has a need to efficiently share information to specified stakeholder groups – especially if these groups include external stakeholders. Depending on the use case, the stakeholders can be e.g. employees, customers, customers’ customers, subcontractors, or logistic partners – whoever you need to keep informed.

Example use cases:

  • Sending messages to members of a specific branch or team in your organization

  • Sending messages to field technicians of a specific region

  • Sending messages to employees of a specific subcontractor

  • Use your imagination – only the sky is the limit here


The communication Channel feature can be activated in any new or existing Tracking Cloud® environment.

The implementation of the feature only takes slight configuration work. It does not require much effort from you, other than adding your contacts into Tracking Cloud® which can be executed as an excel import.


The Communications Channel feature is priced based on the number of messages sent. Messages are sold as monthly packages with exceeding ones charged individually.

How can I activate this feature?

Think you could benefit from the Communications Channel feature? Give us a call and let’s make it happen!



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