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Offline Functionality enables business digitalization without stable data connections

24/03/2021 by Bluugo

More and more companies are building their core business processes on digital platforms, and the ability to gather and share data seamlessly wherever and whenever you need to has become a necessity for many. To do this you need stable internet connections – or do you?

Digitalized business requires stable internet connections – or does it?

Companies around the world are embracing the digitalization of business at an accelerating pace, and new innovative solutions are being developed as we speak. Still, there are many challenges that might slow down digitalization and prevent the implementation of new solutions. One of the most common practical issues is bad internet connectivity.

For consumers, bad internet connections might be annoying and make certain things a bit more difficult, but for businesses, the consequences might be much more severe. More and more companies are building their core business processes on digital platforms, and the ability to gather and share data seamlessly wherever and whenever you need to has become a necessity for many. For this, a stable mobile data connection is usually required.

So, what happens when connections are unstable or not available at all?

Usually, nothing good – delays, uncertainty, unnecessary phone calls and e-mails, unsatisfied customers, financial losses, etc.

At worst, a total standstill of the business.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid these situations.

Offline Functionality keeps your business going even with no internet connection

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® platform supports full offline capabilities as a built-in feature. This means that you can use our Tracking Cloud® solutions even when there is no internet connection available. Once a connection is re-established, all the updated data is automatically synchronized.

The offline functionality provides added security for your business processes and enables the usage of intelligent solutions in challenging environments, where connections are known to be unstable, not available at all, or purposely shut down for security reasons. Here are a few examples from challenging operating environments where Tracking Cloud® is currently in use:

Nuclear Plants

Nuclear power plants are environments with a very high level of security. In some areas of these facilities, all wireless internet connections are purposely blocked to prevent any possible security threats. With Tracking Cloud’s offline capabilities, technicians can continue using the service normally even in these high-security areas. When they exit the area and re-establish a wireless connection or connect their device to a dock with a secure wired connection, all the updated data is synchronized automatically.

Underground Mines

Mines and other underground locations are typically very challenging operating environments for digital solutions because rock and dirt block wireless connections highly effectively. The same type of issues can also occur inside large buildings. With Tracking Cloud®, workers in these types of places do not have to worry about losing connection when going underground or inside of a building. They can use the service and log transactions normally no matter where they are at that moment. Once they exit the building or resurface from an underground location, and re-establish a connection, the updated information is synchronized immediately.

Maintenance & Field Services

The speed and reliability of mobile data connections vary greatly between different countries and regions. While the overall coverage is quite good in most European countries, there are still many remote areas that either don’t get any connectivity at all or a very unreliable one at best. For a maintenance & field service company that relies on digital solutions to run their daily processes, with thousands of maintenance locations in remote areas, this could potentially cause big challenges. But not with Tracking Cloud®. It doesn’t really matter if a technician is working on a maintenance location in a city center or in the middle of nowhere – he/she can still use the service all the same. All updated data is synchronized automatically when there is a connection available again.


Tracking Cloud's offline capabilities enable usage in challenging operating environments.

Example use case

  1. A field technician working in a maintenance company is dispatched to handle a work order in a remote customer site.

  2. The technician arrives at the site which is located in a rural area far from the nearest city – there is no mobile data connection available.

  3. The technician completes the required maintenance activities and logs the used spare parts and working hours to Tracking Cloud® with his smartphone – thanks to the offline functionality, transactions can be completed normally.

  4. The technician leaves the maintenance location. As soon as he enters an area with internet connectivity again, all updated information is synchronized, and the customer is billed automatically.

Benefits of offline functionality

  • No downtime caused by bad connections
  • All information stays in one place – no need to use notebooks or excel files when offline
  • Enables usage in remote areas and other challenging environments

Want to hear more?

Do you think your company could benefit from digital solutions with offline capabilities? Get in touch with us today and let’s find out how Tracking Cloud® can solve your business problems in the best possible way!



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