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24/01/2019 by Bluugo

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud™ brings together Europress’s maintenance & field service processes under a single digital platform. The solution connects to the backend systems of Europress, creating a single, easy-to-manage system for monitoring and managing their maintenance & field service operations.

Europress – end-to-end solutions for recycling and waste management with over 40 years of experience

Europress, founded in 1977 in Finland, is the leading manufacturer of waste compactors and balers in northern Europe. Europress offers its customers end-to-end solutions for recycling and waste management with over 40 years of experience. The company is a pioneer in utilizing the newest technologies, intelligent solutions, and Finnish Cleantech expertise to develop and streamline the processes of recycling and waste management. Europress currently operates in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Russia.

Maintenance & Field Services are an integral element in the business process of Europress. In order to provide streamlined end-to-end solutions for recycling and waste management, the processes of Maintenance & Field Service need to work seamlessly. The execution of these processes traditionally comes with many challenges, such as the difficult predictability of workloads, maintaining constant efficiency, inefficient communicating and information sharing, difficult monitoring of work processes, and the absence of a clear big picture.

A clear big picture of maintenance & field service processes with Tracking Cloud™

Bluugo’s solution for Europress tackles these challenges by using our unique Tracking Cloud™ platform to create a digital “shell” around the processes of Maintenance & Field Services. Tracking Cloud™ connects to the information systems of Europress, creating a single, easy-to-manage system.

When a customer notifies Europress of a need for maintenance action, managers can immediately see from Tracking Cloud™ which type of equipment is in question, which area’s field technicians will execute the task, and on what schedule it can be completed. Field technicians receive their tasks in real-time from Tracking Cloud™, which provides them with all the essential information such as location, the equipment in question, description of the maintenance activities, and the contact information of the customer.

Once a task is completed, field technicians enter the associated details directly into Tracking Cloud™, which automatically sends the billing information to the information systems of Europress. The solution also includes Offline Functionality, which enables usage even when there is no internet connection available. Once a connection is re-established, the information is automatically updated to Tracking Cloud™.

The clear and easy-to-manage big picture, systematic monitoring of work tasks, and efficient communicating and information sharing between all interest groups enable Europress to continuously optimize their business processes and offer their customers better, more transparent services. The transparent, high-quality service builds strong foundations for long-term customer relationships, while the optimized business processes and efficient use of resources boost the overall profitability of the business.

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