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Bluugo Tracking Cloud® & SAP BTP – what’s the difference?

05/12/2023 by Reko Lamminluoto

Everyone who works with ERP systems knows SAP. However, the new SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) seems to raise a lot of questions in many companies. In this blog post, we will investigate the strengths, weaknesses, and capabilities of the SAP BTP and see how it compares to Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® platform.

SAP Business Technology Platform

When planning digitalization initiatives, one of the most pivotal questions is the choice of tools – what systems and tools should your company use to turn ideas into actual production-use solutions?

A common approach is to choose a tool that you are already using in your business, typically an ERP system. These systems do have an important role in the IT architecture, but they are often not suitable for modern use cases with multiple external stakeholders and rapidly changing business environments – more flexible and modern digital tools are needed.

In an effort to answer the evolving market demand for modern digital tools, SAP, the global market leader in ERP systems, introduced the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) in 2021. The new platform is essentially a collection of solutions, tools, and products gathered under the same umbrella to integrate and extend SAP applications, enabling businesses to develop, deploy, and manage their own applications in a unified environment, fostering innovation and digital transformation.

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® vs SAP BTP – a comparison

Since its launch in 2021, the SAP BTP has been a frequent topic in many of Bluugo’s discussions with companies across numerous different industries. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about the capabilities and possibilities of the new platform, and we are frequently asked how it compares to our own Hyperadaptive Tracking Cloud® platform.

To help companies find the information they are looking for, we put together a comparison of the two platforms which entails some of the most common topics that keep coming up.

SAP BTP vs TC draft

Note: the content of this table is created based on Bluugo’s experiences and numerous discussions with business decision-makers from various industries. It is important to note that the presented information is subject to changes as both products are continuously developed.

Naturally, there are a lot more questions to answer of which many are quite use case specific – listing everything here would result in a mile-long monstrosity of a list. If you do have some more questions about the capabilities of the SAP BTP and Bluugo’s Hyperadaptive Tracking Cloud® platform in comparison, we will gladly discuss more.

In case you are planning new digitalization initiatives and pondering which set of tools would match your needs in the best possible way, our experts are at your service as well. Fill in your contact information with the button below, and let’s set up a meeting to talk more.

Bluugo’s experts have strong backgrounds in SAP consulting and over 20 years of industry experience under their belts – they truly know what works and what doesn’t.


Reko Lamminluoto

Solution Director, Co-Founder

Business digitalization & SAP specialist with 20+ years of practical experience and industry knowledge from numerous large-scale IT projects.

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