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Why digital asset tracking itself is not enough to create added value?

16/12/2020 by Bluugo

Bluugo’s Tracking Cloud® offers companies a fast, easy and low-risk way of implementing new digital solutions to asset tracking and management. Our digital platform contains all the essential tools and functionalities as built-in features, support a wide variety of identification technologies, and offers modern APIs to existing systems. Our own OCR tool utilizes computer vision to enable the identification of assets without any retrofitted tags.

Digital asset tracking itself is not enough to create added value

Asset tracking is a topic, that causes continuous challenges in many industries like construction for example.

Most companies have already upgraded their asset tracking from the good old pen & paper and Excel-sheets into digital format. There are many solutions and applications available for this, but most of them fail to deliver significant improvements. Moving away from Excel-files and notebooks is a step in the right direction but tracking your assets in digital format in itself is not enough. In order to create true added value with a digital asset tracking solution, it must be a seamlessly integrated part of your value chain.

Data collection must be cost-efficient, and the methods used for it have to be user-friendly and intuitive. The collected data must flow seamlessly to all stakeholders in real-time – also beyond company borders. The used digital platform must support modern identification technologies and creation of additional digital services for the end-users.

Solutions built on top of legacy ERP systems simply cannot check all these boxes, and neither can simple asset management applications, which are often only a digital equivalent of pen & paper.

To create a modern digital solution for asset tracking and management, you need a strong understanding of both business and technology, and a B2B software solution that enables seamless information sharing over company boundaries. Luckily, Bluugo offers you the whole package!

Tracking Cloud® – the Digital Platform for intelligent Asset Tracking & Management

Tracking Cloud® offers companies a fast, easy and low-risk way of implementing new digital solutions to asset tracking and management. Our award-winning product contains all the essential tools, features, transactions, and APIs as built-in features, as well as an intuitive consumer-grade user interface.

Tracking Cloud® supports all modern identification technologies, such as RFID, NFC, QR, Computer Vision (OCR), and Geofencing. Each technology has its own strengths, and in most use cases the best results are achieved by combining multiple enabling technologies in hybrid solutions. Bluugo’s experts choose the most suitable combination for each use case with decades of hands-on industry experience.

Download our latest whitepaper free of charge: "9 things to consider when choosing identification technologies"

Assets can be tracked with Tracking Cloud® either passively or actively, depending on the use case and required accuracy of the tracking. In most cases passive tracking is sufficient, but some use cases including highly valuable assets might require active tracking (e.g. real-time map location with GPS).


Identifying an asset and e.g. requesting for maintenance activity happens in an instant.

OCR offers a cost-efficient alternative to identification tags

Bluugo’s machine learning team has developed an OCR tool, which uses computer vison to identify assets without the need for any retrofitted identification tags. Unlike other OCR tools in the market, Bluugo’s solution does not send the used image data to any third-party service providers like Google or Microsoft – your valuable information is always 100% secure.

Identification with the OCR tool happens in a blink of an eye. The solution can recognize any combination of letters, numbers, or other symbols from e.g. machine ID plates, cargo container numbers, vehicle license plates, etc. it doesn’t matter if the characters are oriented horizontally or vertically.

The OCR tool utilizes regex syntaxes to determine what type of character combination it is searching for. This ensures that only the correct strings of characters are identified in cases where an asset has characters in multiple places. For example, the tool can be configured to search for a 7-digit string of numbers starting with the number “1” from a cargo container.

Identifying assets without the need for retrofitted identification tags is fast and very cost-efficient. It enables the piloting and implementation of new solutions with, fast schedules, small investments and low risks.

Many of the same technologies and principles used in our asset tracking solutions can also be utilized in other applications like logistics and material flow tracking. Read more in our blog:

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Share essential data with all stakeholders without costly user licenses

Tracking Cloud® is designed for demanding B2B-environments, where seamless information sharing often plays a crucial role. You can connect all your stakeholders to Tracking Cloud® without additional costs – employees, subcontractors, customers, customers’ customers, transportation companies, maintenance, etc.

The seamless real-time information sharing improves the transparency of your whole value chain. You can create new revenue streams and engage your customers by offering them additional digital services!

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