Digitalized Maintenance & Field Services

Tracking Cloud™ is a cloud-based SaaS product for digitalizing maintenance & field service processes in a game-changing way.

It is not a traditional maintenance software – In addition to the baseline tools, our platform offers added value through many advanced features such as intelligent asset tracking, sensor-based maintenance, and automated work order handling & technician dispatching with our unique Rules Engine tool.

You can connect all your stakeholders to the same platform without additional license fees and make sure everyone is always on top of the situation.



Every maintenance solution out there promises this, but we actually have the tools for it.

Monitor your orders, targets, and provisioning on technician-level and speed up your order-to-cash cycle with automated order handling, invoicing & reporting!

Read more about our dashboard tools in our blog.

Sensor-based maintenance & automated alerts

Automatically monitor machines in your maintenance locations with a variety of smart sensors and the latest technologies.

Detect issues and trigger automated notifications and transactions when set threshold conditions are exceeded. This is often an adequate and much more cost-efficient approach compared to ML-based predictive maintenance techniques.

Tracking Cloud™ can utilize data from any existing sensors, and we can also provide new hardware as a part of the service.


Connect all stakeholders without license fees

Tracking Cloud™ connect all your stakeholder under the same platform – technicians, managers, customers, their customers, business partners, etc. – without costly user licenses.

You can share valuable data with every interest group in real-time. Customers can monitor their order statuses independently, field technicians receive work orders directly to their mobile devices and managers have a clear big picture 24/7.

No more endless phone calls, e-mails, and messages!

Eliminate manual order handling

Cut down the amount of manual work with automated order handling, work scheduling, technician dispatching, hour reporting and customer invoicing.

For example, incoming maintenance work orders can be handled according to urgency and customer-specific contracts and assigned to the nearest available technician with a suitable skillset completely automatically, using our unique Rules Engine tool.


See into the future with predictive maintenance

In demanding B2B environments, sensor-based maintenance is not always sufficient. Tracking Cloud™ features powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools that can predict upcoming failures in your maintenance locations well in advance.

You can minimize costly machinery downtime and schedule critical maintenance actions days or even weeks in advance.

100% adjustable
to your needs

In many cases, companies have to adjust their existing processes to match workflows in new CMMS or other software solutions. With Tracking Cloud™, it is quite the opposite.

Everything can be adjusted, customized, and configured to meet your existing workflows, transactions, statuses, terminology, language, etc. You can create fully customizable reports & forms, freely export any data as excel sheets, and adjust the UI to match your company’s brand.

Tracking Cloud™ adjusts to your business, so you can focus on the essentials.


Works on all devices
even with no internet

Tracking Cloud™ is extremely easy to deploy even in demanding B2B environments.

As a Progressive Web Application, Tracking Cloud™ works on all devices and operating systems, does not require downloads from app stores, and keeps itself automatically updated.

Thanks to its advanced offline functionality, Tracking Cloud™ works even when there is no internet connection available. When a connection is re-established, all updated data is synchronized automatically.

Learn more about offline functionality here.

Everything you need
in one package

Our end-to-end service package covers everything you need: software, hardware, technology, integrations, and APIs, as well as deployment, onboarding, support services, consulting, and further development.

You won’t have to spend months of your time sitting in tedious workshops contemplating on technical details and trying to manage a multitude of partners, vendors, and integrators. Instead, you can focus on solving the actual challenges of your business and leave the execution to us!


Success Stories

Powered by Tracking Cloud™

Powered by Tracking Cloud™

Intelligent Maintenance & Field Services with Tracking Cloud™

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