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Tracking Cloud Procurement Overview

Procurement solutions
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Tracking Cloud® is a hyperadaptive cloud platform that offers everything needed for digitalizing your procurement processes with unprecedented efficiency.

It supplements your existing setup and excels in modern B2B use cases where conventional procurement solutions and legacy ERPs meet their limits.

Real-time overview of your procurement

Tracking Cloud® enables you to always have full visibility over your procurement processes. When you open your laptop at the start of your day, you can directly see how your business is running and are immediately on top of the situation – we call this the “morning coffee moment”.

Establish a 24/7 real-time view of all your orders, goods, materials, suppliers, and their current statuses across all your locations.

Automatically flag anomalies or delays in your processes and allow your team to inquire about any holdups, backorders, or other issues in pinpoint accuracy. Switch from reactive to a proactive and expection-based approach!

Collect and visualize data in any required shape or form, and seamlessly share it with any stakeholder in your value chain.

Identify bottlenecks in your processes, streamline your daily operations, and develop your procurement strategically in the long run.

Tracking Cloud Procurement Visibility
Tracking Cloud Supplier Collaboration

Easy collaboration with all supplier tiers

Tracking Cloud® allows you to communicate and collaborate with all your suppliers down to Tier N with unprecedented ease and provides everyone with the right information at the right time.

Communicate and share crucial data with all suppliers using a variety of methods such as EDIs, APIs, web interfaces, emails, spreadsheets, etc.

Onboard new suppliers and products in record speed by automating information gathering and prefiltering for suitable partners.

Evaluate suppliers based on their performance and notify them automatically if their scores drop below a predefined level.

Provide suppliers flexible tools for managing and updating their product information independently.

GS1-compliant Batch & Serial Number Tracking

Thanks to hyperadaptability, all data models in Tracking Cloud® are fully adaptable, which enables you to track your products and components on a batch, and even serial number level – something that is often impossible to achieve with conventional solutions.

Track products on a batch-level to follow attributes such as expiration dates, and easily backtrack entire batches when necessary.

Utilize serial number-level traceability for more accurate tracking and have full visibility over each individual component and their sub-attributes (e.g. test results, fire safety classification) used in a finalized product.

The supplier product data, such as test results, can be collected in many ways, e.g. from QR codes or directly from their systems with Open API. Tracking Cloud® complies with known GS1 identification standards such as EPCIS and Data Link.

Grant your sales and production departments access to real-time Available-to-Promise (ATP) information at all times.

Tracking Cloud Batch and Serial Number Traceability
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The importance of traceability has been growing with accelerating speed for the past years, forcing thousands of companies to rethink their current procurement practices in 2024 – 2028.

In our new guide, we go through the rapidly evolving requirements around traceability, examine how they will affect companies, and provide tangible tips on how to avoid the common pitfalls. Download the guide for free!

Powerful tools for master data management

Tracking Cloud® integrates seamlessly to your existing IT architecture and offers powerful tools for streamlined Master Data Management to support your procurement processes.

Always keep your master data, certificates, and other pivotal information up to date.

Provide suppliers flexible tools for maintain product information either directly in the Tracking Cloud® platform, using excel spreadsheets, or by establishing an API / EDI connection to their internal systems.

Leverage Tracking Cloud's fully customizable data structure and models to store information about various sub-attributes under a single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).

Tracking Cloud Master Data Management
All-in-One Platform

Easily connect your other business areas

Tracking Cloud's offers a versatile toolbox of fully customizable features and capabilities that can be used to digitalize essentially any B2B business processes. In addition to procurement, it can be used in numerous applications in logistics & supply chains, aftermarket services, and manufacturing – combining elements from multiple business areas in ways that are not supported by conventional IT tools.

Connect all relevant functions of your business under a single platform and expand your procurement workflows to include e.g. production and sales for seamless cross-department collaboration.

Easily expand your Tracking Cloud® solution to new business areas when needed without having to introduce new systems in your IT landscape.

Why Choose Tracking Cloud®?

Tracking Cloud® is trusted by numerous industry-leading companies in over 25 countries.

Hyperadaptable 100% to your needs

Thanks to Tracking Cloud's Hyperadaptability, everything in our platform can be modified 100% according to your needs from high-level processes to single workflows, data fields, and views – with unprecedented speed and zero coding.

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No exhausting IT project

Implementing Tracking Cloud® doesn't require a lengthy and exhausting IT project that ties up your key personnel for months at a time. The average timeline for production use is 8-12 weeks and you will start seeing results immediately after the go-live.

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Stress-free integrations

Tracking Cloud® offers a variety of built-in integration methods for connecting to different backend systems and resources. We offer all required integrations "as-a-service" as a part of our onboarding model – so you can focus on the essential.

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Predictable costs from day 1

Tracking Cloud's pricing consists of a fixed one-time onboarding fee and a monthly usage fee that covers everything in the service. You know your Total Cost of Ownership from Day 1 without hidden costs or user license fees.

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