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The #1 solution for
E2E Traceability

Tracking Cloud® is a hyperadaptive cloud platform that offers everything you need to meet the growing requirements in the field of traceability and implement new intelligent solutions in just 8-12 weeks.

Establish end-to-end traceability both upstream and downstream

Connect all relevant stakeholders and systems down to tier N

Trace items with any granularity down to the serial number level

Include all relevant documents from procurement to aftermarket

Utilize any combination of technologies and standards

Tracking Cloud Traceability
Forward and Backward Traceability

in every direction

Tracking Cloud® provides powerful tools for both forward and backward traceability, allowing you to establish full end-to-end traceability for your products and components throughout the value chain from sourcing raw materials to aftermarket services and customer feedback.

Traceability with
every stakeholder tier

Tracking Cloud® enables you to connect all the different stakeholders and their master systems from every tier of your value chain under a single platform, enabling seamless traceability and data sharing between all players.

Multi-tier Traceability
Traceability with any granularity

by any granularity

Thanks to its hyperadaptability, all data models in Tracking Cloud® are fully adaptable, which enables you to track your products and components by any required granularity – batch, product, component, SKU, serial number – whatever your business requires.

Traceability with
all relevant documents

With Tracking Cloud®, you can easily collect, manage, and share all relevant data and documents connected to your products throughout the entire lifecycle from designing to aftermarket services, e.g.:

Origin of materials
Test results & certificates
Batch & serial numbers
Component assembly & sub-attributes
Transport documents
Emissions data
Customer feedback forms
Maintenance history

Traceability with all documents
Traceability with the latest tech standards

Traceability with the latest tech standards

Tracking Cloud® supports all modern identification technologies to deliver the best results in every use case and operating environment– QR, RFID, NFC, OCR, Data Matrix, Barcodes – whatever is required.

We are also an official partner of GS1. Our platform has built-in capabilities for utilizing established identification standards such as EPCIS, Data Link, EPC, GRAI, etc.

Read more in our recent whitepaper "The Critical Role of Traceability Standards in Modern Supply Chains".

Ready-to-run tools
for the business

Tracking Cloud® provides everything you need to implement production-use traceability solutions in just 8-12 weeks – without a tedious IT project.

It is s not just a collection of technical features and capabilities that run in the background of your IT architecture but also offers ready-to-run tools for the end-users in your daily business processes throughout the value chain – from sourcing materials to manufacturing, logistics, and aftermarket services.

Ready-to-run tools for the business
Tracking Cloud E2E Traceability
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Traceability guide

The importance of traceability has been growing with accelerating speed for the past years. The very foundations of the term are undergoing a major shift and thousands of companies across all industries will have to rethink their current traceability practices in 2024 – 2028.

In our recent guide, we go through the rapidly evolving requirements around traceability, examine how they will affect companies, and provide tangible tips on how to avoid the common pitfalls. Download the guide for free!

Why Choose Tracking Cloud®?

Tracking Cloud® is trusted by numerous industry-leading companies in over 25 countries.

Hyperadaptable 100% to your needs

Thanks to Tracking Cloud's Hyperadaptability, everything in our platform can be modified 100% according to your needs from high-level processes to single workflows, data fields, and views – with unprecedented speed and zero coding.

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No exhausting IT project

Implementing Tracking Cloud® doesn't require a lengthy and exhausting IT project that ties up your key personnel for months at a time. The average timeline for production use is 8-12 weeks and you will start seeing results immediately after the go-live.

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Stress-free integrations

Tracking Cloud® offers a variety of built-in integration methods for connecting to different backend systems and resources. We offer all required integrations "as-a-service" as a part of our onboarding model – so you can focus on the essential.

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Predictable costs from day 1

Tracking Cloud's pricing consists of a fixed one-time onboarding fee and a monthly usage fee that covers everything in the service. You know your Total Cost of Ownership from Day 1 without hidden costs or user license fees.

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Trying to keep up with the rapidly increasing requirements and expectations around traceability can be a daunting task that raises many questions. But don't you worry – we are here to help with 20+ years of industry knowledge and hands-on experience!

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