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The hyperadaptive
cloud platform

Tracking Cloud® is the world’s first hyperadaptive cloud platform for B2B digitalization.

It provides everything needed for digitalizing core business processes and filling the black holes in your value chain in a truly data-driven and future proof way – with unprecedented ease, speed, and efficiency.

Tracking Cloud Platform
End-to-End visibility with Tracking Cloud

End-to-end visibility from the shop floor to the top floor

Tracking Cloud® provides you with 24/7 end-to-end visibility over your business. It connects the different systems and stakeholder groups under a single platform and allows you to seamlessly collect and share data throughout the value chain.

Hyperadaptability enables you to automate and digitalize practically any business process exactly they way you want to, using familiar terminology, workflows, and data models.

The management level always has a real-time overview of the entire business and access to reliable data to support effective decision-making. End-users get access to world-class digital tools and all the information needed to make daily operations run smoothly.

A single platform for all business areas

Tracking Cloud® is not restricted to any specific business area, process, or industry.

It offers a versatile toolbox of fully customizable features and capabilities that can be used to digitalize essentially any B2B business processes.

The most common use cases revolve around logistics & supply chains, aftermarket services, and manufacturing – usually combining elements from multiple business areas in ways that are not supported by conventional IT tools.

All-in-One Platform

Immediate and future-proof value creation

Thanks to its hyperadaptability and seamless integration to the existing IT landscape, Tracking Cloud® offers remarkably quick value creation that is unmatched by any conventional IT tool.

At the same time, it enables you to continuously develop your business in the long run and quickly adjust to changes in the business environment in a truly future-proof way.

"As a whole, this concept contributes to the increasing digitization and automation of everything we do and collaborate in.

-Kalle Kainu, Sales Director at Chemigate

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