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The revolution of

Hyperadaptability is the secret sauce that puts the Tracking Cloud® platform miles ahead of any conventional IT tool in the market.

On a technical level, it is the ability to easily modify anything in our platform from high-level processes to single workflows, data fields and integrations – with unprecedented speed and zero coding.

In practice, hyperadaptability is much more than that. It allows you to unleash the full digital potential of your business and digitalize core processes with less complexity, less risks, predictable costs, 100% future-proofness, and the fastest time-to-value in the market.

Why is adaptability so important in B2B Digitalization
End-to-End visibility with Tracking Cloud

Why is adaptability
so important in
B2B digitalization?

The B2B world is changing faster than ever before. Global market disruptions in the past years have forced companies in all industries to rethink and adapt their business models and processes with unprecedented urgency.

The inability to change has become a synonym for losing your competitive edge.

Unfortunately, the conventional IT tools and approach used by most companies are simply not capable of answering the changing requirements of the fast-paced modern B2B landscape.

This is where the hyperadaptive approach comes in to play.

The new standard for intelligent business digitalization

Hyperadaptability is not a technical feature, but a revolutionary new approach that sets the future standards for Intelligent Business Digitalization.

It enables you to implement digital solutions that provide true end-to-end visibility, increase data-driven decision-making, and enable seamless collaboration with every stakeholder across the value chain.

Simultaneously, it solves the challenges of getting there and staying future-proof – turning your digitalization initiatives into actual solutions, implementing them into your daily business, and constantly adapting them for the best possible performance. Without an IT project!

True E2E visibility
across the value chain

Hyperadaptability enables you to achieve true end-to-end visibility over your entire value chain from the shopfloor to the topfloor – giving you full control over your business 8760 hours a year.

The “morning coffee moment”

Hyperadaptability allows you to see all the essential information about your business operations from a single source by connecting all the different systems and stakeholders under a single platform.

When you start your day over a cup of coffee, you are already on top of the situation – we call this the "morning coffee moment".

Instead of spending your time trying to figure out what is going on, you can focus on effective decision-making, planning, and reacting to possible anomalies.

Full utilization of your valuable data

With hyperadaptability, you can freely define all data models, structures, and sources in your solutions.

Basically, it gives you full control and access to any data from any element of your business whenever you need it – allowing you to embrace a truly data-driven approach for managing and developing your business.

Seamless collaboration between all stakeholders

In order to achieve true end-to-end visibility, information must flow seamlessly in every direction – also over company boundaries.

Hyperadaptability enables you to connect every stakeholder in your value chain to a single platform without license fees – employees, customers, their customers, subcontractors, suppliers, logistic providers, etc.

Data flows seamlessly between systems, every party can access real-time information when they need it, and everyone has state-of-the art digital tools for handling their part of the value chain with maximum efficiency.

The fastest

While achieving tangible business benefits is the ultimate goal for every digitalization initiative, the biggest challenge is often getting there – the actual process of creating and implementing solutions for your daily business processes.

Digitalization shouldn't be an IT project

The conventional IT tools most companies are utilizing in their digitalization efforts are simply outdated and do not meet the requirements of modern B2B environments.

Instead of focusing on the business objectives, companies end up managing exhausting IT projects with no certainty for concrete results or ROI.

Hyperadaptability offers the cure for this pain. It allows you to digitalize your business processes with less complexity, low risks, 100% predictable costs, and the fastest time-to-value in the market.

Freely definable terminology, workflows and data models

Hyperadaptability enables you to work with your familiar business terminology, workflows, and data models from day 1.

Everything can be easily configured to match your current processes, keeping the focus on the business side of things instead of contemplating on the technical execution.

Less complexity & more business participation

Since there is no need to change your existing processes, the level of complexity is much lower and the relevant business people are able to contribute to the project from the start.

When the business is strongly involved, the possibility of misunderstandings is low and the created solutions match the actual needs of the business. Agile changes can be made in the solutions starting from the early stages and continuing throughout the process.

Production-ready solutions in 8-12 weeks

With the hyperadaptive approach, the average timeline for implementing solutions is 8-12 weeks. Since the solutions use your familiar terminology and processes, the user experience is always excellent and there is no need for user training – hence, there is no dip in productivity upon go-live. The payback starts immediately and the time-to-value is extremely short.

100% future-proofness
& predictable TCO

Only 35% of digitalization projects meet their original budget and schedule, making it very difficult to forecast the final price for a solution. And even when the initial projects are finished, there is a constant need to make changes and adjustments as the business grows or the market circumstances shift.

With the conventional IT approach, it is nigh impossible for decision-makers to predict how much time and money all this will take – if it's even possible to do in the first place.

Agile reaction to changes in the business environment

Hyperadaptability enables you to make quick changes in your solutions to adapt to the everchanging requirements of the business environment. Since every element in the Tracking Cloud® platform can be easily adjusted without coding, making adjustments usually takes hours or days instead of weeks or months. That's what we call 100% future-proofness.

Unlimited scalability

When your business grows, hyperadaptability ensures your solutions grow with it. By having every element of your value chain connected to a single platform, you can easily add or modify processes and introduce new stakeholders to your solutions. Expanding your solution to new business areas is easy, since you already have all the valuable information about your business available from a single source.

Powerful tools for your own IT

Hyperadaptability offers exceptionally powerful tools for your own IT and enables it to be strongly involved in the development of your solutions while staying in control of your existing IT landscape.

Predictable Total Cost of Ownership from day 1

When put together, the previously mentioned benefits of the hyperadaptive approach enable you to have a clear understanding of your Total Cost of Ownership from day 1 without costly and disruptive suprises along the way.

You can focus on the essential instead of contemplating on the financial risks and worries.

Benefits of hyperadaptability explained

Ready to embrace the
hyperadaptive way?

If you are tired of managing exhausting IT projects and worrying about exceeding your budgets and timelines (again), you have come to the right place.

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