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Digitalized VMI, Spare Parts & Warehousing

It is impossible to execute automated warehousing & VMI processes with your customers using traditional ERP systems.

Tracking Cloud® complements your existing warehouse systems and is the ideal solution for spare part management, portable warehousing, and VMI services for your customers. It’s a perfect match if you have warehouses at customer sites or remote locations.

You can connect all your stakeholders under a single multi-tenant platform, provide real-time visibility of your processes and automate labor-intensive manual tasks. Tracking Cloud® also includes functionalities for consignment stocks.


Provide end-to-end
VMI services

Tracking Cloud® contains everything you need to offer full-blown VMI services for your customers.

You can connect IoT scales, RFID Kanban systems and Vending machines in customer sites and set up reorder intervals and replenishment quantities on rack, bin or product level.

Region-specific organization structure and powerful map tools with factory/site layouts provide real-time visibility for all stakeholders and support transparent reporting.

Set up portable self-service warehouses

Guarantee the availability of your products and spare parts outside business hours and in remote locations by setting up portable self-service warehouses with 24/7 accessibility.

You can easily define which users can access the warehouses with Tracking Cloud’s digital access control tools and technologies like RFID, NFC, and Fingerprint Recognition. Read more about our authentication methods in our blog.

When goods are purchased in one of your remote warehouses, stock levels are updated in real-time and the customer is invoiced automatically.



Tracking Cloud® automates your replenishment ordering process. You can monitor stock levels in your warehouse locations with technologies like automated IoT scales, RFID, NFC, barcodes, QR codes, and computer vision, and set up product-specific re-ordering points.

All relevant parameters are easily available in Tracking Cloud®: replenishment quantities, re-order points, weight, etc. You can maintain product data directly in Tracking Cloud® or automate data flow from your backend systems, like ERPs.

mobile tools

Tracking Cloud® contains state-of-the-art mobile tools for both your customers and your own staff.

You can monitor stock levels and pivotal KPIs on the go, inspect detailed product information directly from racks or bins and place rush orders with a single touch of a mobile device.

Tracking Cloud’s UI is very easy to use, supports any required language, and is fully customizable according to your company’s brand. We guarantee a high-quality user experience for your customers and employees.


Combine cutting-edge technologies

In most warehouse environments, one technology is not enough to achieve the best results. Tracking Cloud® brings together a large variety of cutting-edge technologies and methods to create flexible hybrid solutions that match your business case perfectly.

Automated IoT-scales, RFID Kanban systems, computer vision, vending machines, QR codes, data matrixes, touch-and-go NFC, manual scanning, GPS, Geofencing… You name it, we got it.

We can utilize any existing technologies or provide new hardware as a part of the service.

Check out our whitepaper about choosing the best technologies for your business:

"9 things to consider when choosing identification technologies"

Everything you need
in one package

Our end-to-end service package covers everything you need: software, hardware, technology, integrations, and APIs, as well as deployment, onboarding, support services, consulting, and further development.

You won’t have to spend months of your time sitting in tedious workshops contemplating on technical details and trying to manage a multitude of partners, vendors, and integrators. Instead, you can focus on solving the actual challenges of your business and leave the execution to us!


Success Stories

Streamline & Transparent VMI with Tracking Cloud®

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Portable Self-service Warehousing with Tracking Cloud®

Streamline & Transparent VMI with Tracking Cloud®

Let's talk about
your use case

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