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Service Package

As our customer, you are not buying just software – you get a complete solution from start to finish!

Our end-to-end service package covers everything you need: software, hardware, technology, integrations, and APIs, as well as deployment, onboarding, support services, consulting, and further development.

You won’t have to spend months of your time sitting in tedious workshops contemplating on technical details and trying to manage a multitude of partners, vendors, and integrators. Instead, you can focus on solving the actual challenges of your business and leave the execution to us!


It was really easy for the managers with no technical background to contribute in the onboarding workshops

-Dominik Schweizer, FRIEDRICH VORWERK

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Tracking Cloud™ Service Package

Hardware / Tech

We provide all required hardware as a part of the service or can also utilize any existing hardware you already have.

e.g. vehicle GPS trackers or sensors in your production lines.

Software / Platform

The Tracking Cloud™ platform covers all essential tools, integrations and APIs as built in features.

Our solution packages come with industry-specific setups and proven best practices.

Deployment Package

We always provide turnkey deployment, integration, and onboarding of our solutions as a part of the service.

Technical support services are included in all Tracking Cloud™ plans as a baseline feature.


Our team setting up Tracking Cloud™ at the customer site.

onboarding and
support services
are always included

All Tracking Cloud™ solutions and plans include turnkey deployment, onboarding, and next business day support services as baseline features.

You don’t have to worry about integrations to existing systems, setting up hardware or training your staff to use the solution – our experts are with you every step of the way with over 20 years of hands-on industry experience.

And they are not afraid to get their hands dirty when necessary.

Enterprise-level plans also include prioritized support services with a dedicated service manager, custom development, and tailor-made features on the platform.

The deployment of Tracking Cloud™ can be done in a few weeks and does not require much of your time.

Deployment process Timeline

Business Objective Definition

Selection of suitable Tracking Cloud™ features and feasible technologies based on the desired business outcomes.

2x ½ day workshops

Business Owners, Service Designers, Bluugo's Personnel

User Experience Workshops

Definition of workflows, dashboards and KPI’s based on the business processes and scenarios.

2x ½ day workshops

Service Designers / Managers, End Customers, Bluugo's Personnel

Service Configuration

Setup of customer specific environments, configurations, users, roles and hierarchies.

Starting from 2-5 work days

Bluugo's Personnel

Integrations & Hardware Setup

Data uploads, integration to existing backend systems and hardware installation.

Starting from 2-5 work days

Bluugo's Personnel

Go-live & Support

Launch of the solution, onboarding, technical support services and further development.

~8 weeks from the start of the project

Service Managers, End-users, Bluugo's Personnel


What about pricing?

Tracking Cloud™ is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) product with a monthly usage fee.

The fee is determined by the chosen product plan, features, and business volume.

Read more about the pricing and Tracking Cloud™ product plans here:

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