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We don’t replace your ERP – we supercharge it

Tracking Cloud® is not an ERP system.

It doesn't aim to replace your existing ERP system either.

Instead, it complements and enhances your current setup by seamlessly integrating with your ERP and other master systems and extending their reach beyond company walls – filling the gaps that conventional IT systems struggle with and providing intelligent tools for developing your business with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

Supercharge Your ERP
Tracking Cloud Connectivity Overview
Digitalization vs IT Approach

The distinction between digitalization and IT

Digitalization and conventional IT projects are two separate things with different goals, purposes, and best practices.

This simple truth is overlooked by a shocking number of companies and usually leads to a situation where business-driven digitalization initiatives are being blocked by internal IT projects – ERP development being the most common topic.

The key to success is understanding you can do both at the same time. Instead of waiting months or years for an ERP project to finish, companies can execute business-lead digitalization initiatives simultaneously by introducing modern tools – such as Bluugo's Tracking Cloud®.

How can Tracking Cloud® complement your ERP?

Even though ERP systems alone do not fulfill the requirements for modern B2B digitalization, they do have an important role in the big picture.
It is crucial to recognize the areas where the conventional systems meet their limits, and more modern tools are required to fill in the gaps.

Scale the ERP walls for better collaboration

Unlike conventional ERP systems, which are developed primarily for internal processes, Tracking Cloud® is designed especially for the modern B2B landscape, where information needs to flow seamlessly between every involved party. It allows you to connect every stakeholder from customers to business partners on the same platform without complex integrations, security concerns, or additional user license costs.

Eliminate the need for custom workarounds

ERP systems typically offer limited modifiability, which forces companies to create complex and expensive custom workarounds to meet their specific needs. Thanks to its hyperadaptability, Tracking Cloud® allows everything within the platform to be freely modified to perfectly match your business processes from high-level workflows to single views and terminology – without slow and expensive custom development.

No need for complex

When working with traditional ERP systems, integrations are often one of the biggest concerns. Tracking Cloud’s dynamic APIs allow you to easily connect all existing backend systems and resources such as ERPs, web services, legacy systems, and IoT sensors without changes needed at your end of the systems. We offer the entire integration process as a fixed-price service.

Read more about Tracking Cloud's integration capabilities here.

Share valuable data without security risks

In the modern B2B landscape, where seamless information sharing has become a necessity, using ERP systems often brings up major security concerns. Granting external stakeholders access to the very heart of your business to share information is always a serious safety hazard. Tracking Cloud® is designed to act as an additional layer in your IT landscape to provide a safe method for sharing relevant data from your master systems with all internal and external stakeholders.

No more guesstimating your total costs

With a traditional ERP-based approach, predicting the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of solutions is often very challenging. Tracking Cloud® tackles this is issue with a transparent pricing model and fixed-price implementation, enabling a fully predictable and significantly lower TCO – without worries about user license fees when you scale your solution and include new user groups.

Improve usability & UX
across all devices

Tracking Cloud® prioritizes ease of use and intuitiveness, eliminating the need for extensive user training. Modifiable and intuitive interfaces guarantee that every user group can navigate the system effortlessly with all devices, including mobile, where traditional ERP systems often fall short.

Got questions?
We have answers.

Executing digitalization initiatives is not easy and there are a lot of things to consider when choosing the tools for the job. It can feel overwhelming at times, but don't you worry – we are here to help!

Bluugo's founders are all former ERP consultants with 20+ years of hands-on experience and industry knowledge under their belts. We offer you this expertise with no strings attached.

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