70% of digitalization projects fail.
We know why.

“A business that can’t keep up with digital innovations in its industry will survive for less than 5 years
before going out of business or being absorbed by a competitor“

A Couchbase Research Report 2019.

The CEO's Problem

From a buyer's perspective, the field of digitalization can seem very fragmented. Instead of focusing on innovation and ROI, decision-makers are often forced to deal with a multitude of complex technologies, software, hardware, and vendors.

When the focus is on tools & technologies instead of the business, it is no wonder that a staggering 70% of digital transformations fail and only 35% of IT-projects meet their original budget and schedule. But don’t worry – at Bluugo we do things differently.


We are not just another
software company.

We provide everything you need

As our customer, you are not buying just software – you get a complete solution from start to finish!

Our end-to-end service package covers everything you need: software, hardware, technology, integrations and APIs, as well as deployment, onboarding, support services, consulting, and further development.

20 years of hands-on experience

Our seasoned experts have over 20 years of hands-on experience in designing and implementing digital solutions across numerous industries – and they are not afraid to get their hands dirty!

We are used to working in extremely challenging environments such as nuclear plants, mines and airports.

We understand both business & technology

The technical expertise of Bluugo’s experts is world-class by any standards, but on top of that, we also speak fluent Business.

In the end, technologies are just tools to make everything happen – understanding and focusing on the business side of digitalization is far more important.

Award-winning Digital Platform

When Bluugo was founded back in 2014, our founders looked for existing digital tools that would meet their standards. After a while, it became clear that no such tools existed – we had to create them ourselves. Tracking Cloud was born.

Today, the unique digital platform acts as the heart of our every solution and is used in over 25 countries. Read more about our story here.

80% off the shelf, 20% tailored

Building tailor-made digital solutions from scratch is a long, complicated, and highly expensive process. It is easy to get caught up in the details and forget the original business innovations.

Our ready-to-run Tracking Cloud solution packages contain all the essential tools and features of digital business as baseline features – the final 20% is customized based on your unique needs!

Solutions in weeks instead of months

Many digitalization projects have the tendency of taking forever and costing fortunes – but not with us! Our ready-to-run solution packages allow us to implement new solutions in a matter of weeks.

To put it bluntly: what others do with 200K and 6 months, we do with 20K and 6 weeks. We take great pride in meeting our schedules in every single project.

We don't tie up your resources

We're not the type of traditional IT corporation that sends over an army of consultants and leaves you to deal with them on your own. Your managers probably have enough on their plate as it is.

Our seasoned project managers make sure everything runs smoothly from planning to deployment and support services – you don't need to reserve much of your time for the project.

We take the financial risk for you

Buying digital solutions from a traditional software company usually requires large investments before you get to see the solution in action.

With our SaaS pricing model, you pay a small monthly usage fee instead of a huge one-time investment. This means, we make money only if you're happy with our solution and keep using it.

We are your
partner in digital business.

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